Wyoming, Michigan Criminal Defense

In Wyoming, Michigan, there are two District Court judges. Pablo Cortes was appointed District Court Judge in November 2005. His current term expires in December 2014. Judge Cortes received an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and graduated from the Wayne University Law School. He is also a professor at the Law School, Thomas M. Cooley. The second district court judge is Steven Timmers. In November 2001, he was elected district judge, and his current term expires in December 2016. Judge Timmers received an undergraduate degree at West Michigan University. He graduated from the Law School Thomas M. Cooley.

Judge Timmers is a fair judge who listens to both sides of any argument before deciding on issues of law. Judge Pablo Cortes is a former prosecutor and is a bit sharper for defenders than Judge Timmers.

City lawyers from Wyoming, Michigan are known as fair and do not want to throw a book to everyone who is charged with the crime there. The Office of the Prosecutor's Office of Kent County manages the vast majority of criminal cases in Wyoming, Michigan. The Office of the Prosecutor's Office of Kent is a rather difficult office for dealing with problems, but there are others that are much worse to solve the problem.

Michigan District Court 62A Wyoming is a court of limited jurisprudence. It has the authority to decide on cases relating to traffic and criminal matters, such as: criminal offenses, parking violations, traffic offenses and traffic offenses.

The Court conducts preliminary examinations of criminal cases to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the case to the District Court, which is an absolute court having jurisprudence for such matters. At the preliminary examination, the Office of the Prosecutor's Office of Kent County must prove that there is a probable reason to conclude that the criminal offense has been committed and that a criminal offense has been committed by a person charged with a criminal offense.

Offenses are cases that do not amount to a fine of more than $ 1,000.00 in sentences or a year in prison. Cases that cross these borders are called Felonies.

If a person is charged with a criminal offense in Wyoming, Michigan, they will have a preliminary examination (if the charge is a criminal offense), then two pre-trial conferences, a jury selection, a trial, and a sentence. For convicting verdicts, a pre-sentence will be made. If the DUI or OWI belief is, the alcohol assessment must be performed before sending.

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