Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo in Douglas

It's amazing how the small community of Douglas, Wyoming hosts a state fair every year in mid-August. This city usually contains only 5,000 people, but when the rectangle revolves around that number. An interesting feature is the North Platte river that runs through the city and provides an excellent place for visitors to the picnic or simply leaving the fishing floor. Visitors to the fair can find free parking south of the base at Brownfield Road.

The fair recently passed a little remodeling, and at the 2006 State Fair a new facility was discovered. They have a much larger livestock pavilion, a multi-purpose building of an exhibition of livestock, a special lounge and a multipurpose pigsty object.

At the State Fair, you can find many exhibits, including hobby collection of sheep exhibits, competition of older machines, professional art exercises, jury competitions, goat shows and the biggest vegetables that can be found for miles around Douglas.

Several entertaining viewing competitions are Jack Russell terrier races and swine fights in the mudguard. Rubber Chicken Race represents a unique perspective on the relay. Teams of 3 to 5 people will transfer rubber chicken to each other after a race on a particular vehicle. The first round is done on a sharpened horse, the other on a naked horse; the third on a bicycle, the fourth to a four-point, and the latter made a team of two, and one person was pushed to the finish line in the wheelchairs.

There is a comedy in all its different forms at the fair. You can watch free shows of comedic magicians, ridiculous Hypnotista, clown, and there is a comedy singing group A Capela.

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