Dave Christensen, chief football coach at the University of Wyoming, was at the University of Missouri

Dave Christensen became head coach for 2009 at the University of Wyoming. Prior to joining Wyoming University Cowboys, Christensen was Assistant Football Coach at Washington University (1989-1990), Idaho State University (1990-1991), Toledo University (1992-2000), and recently the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO 2001-2008).

Before Coach Christensen inherited his coach duties in Laramie, Wyoming, where the University of Wyoming is located, a man named Joe Glenn was the head of the football coach for six years from 2003-2008. Joe Glenn won the winning record of his predecessor Vic Koenning, who from 2000 to 2002 had huge records of 5-29 in three seasons as head coach in Laramie. Although Coach Glenn moved the program in the right direction in general, he was able to set up only one winning season (7-5 ​​in 2004) during his six years of oversight of the organization. After having played 9-15 in the last two seasons, Joe Glenn has been relieved of his position, and the University of Wyoming has brought Dave Christensen, the offensive coordinator of the University of Missouri, to replace him.

Since he was an offensive coordinator at the University of Missouri from 2001 to 2008, Dave made for himself the name of an architect of an explosive dead offensive that became one of the highest ranked football offensive in Division I. The success Christensen demonstrated at the University of Missouri made him a desirable candidate for training the head and man whom Wyoming Cowboys gladly hired. The prevalence that Dave employs has become a popular transfer system by a number of teams that have so far found a way to confuse the defense by spreading football to many receivers running different routes.

In his first season with Cowboys coach, Christensen played much better than 7-6 records in the 2009 football season. The successful campaign of the first year coach for the new head coach of football broke a thrilling 35-28 victory in the New Mexico Bowl in 2009 on December 19, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The victory of the last season was a significant feather in the captain's new chief coach, Dave Christensen, because he marked only the second time since 1967 that the University of New Mexico won in the post-season season.

Just what the future holds for coach Dave Christensen at the University of Vietnam remains to be seen. Whether Christensen will have a long-standing successful Laramie attendance or simply use the position as a step towards a greater career aspirations to run a historic top-notch soccer program, will be revealed only on time.

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