"Your, From Wyoming" Author Robert W Howe – Book Review

Some people simply breathe air; Others enjoy the smell and smell of every breath. Some people watch the landscape and see mountains, fields and streams; others see minute information about weather, life, beauty, just a trained eye, like the curator of the museum, will be shown out of the masterpiece. Some people would say "hello" and smiled at the stranger in the passage, others locked their eyes and distributed greetings that were intimate, and then introduced the person during the encounter.

For Robert W. Howe, this other comes naturally, instinctively and passionately. In his book entitled "His, from Wyoming", he painstakingly worked on the perceptions of life's life, precisely articulated, by the letters he wrote to others over the years. He has experienced his experiences in the description of humankind with almost divine grace and understanding. A woven fabric that can be wrapped in a poncho, facing a cow mounted on a horse, to keep it cold from the prevailing winds in the desert.

Categorized in seasons and months, his book brings the reader into his life, his world, his beliefs and the most impressive as he can see through his eyes. On several occasions by most authors, Mr Howe's excellent writing and skilled observation create a voice in the reader's mind of a modest man of exceptional genius, followers of God's teachings, mastery of communication, and a deeply romantic lover of people. His invaluable ability to achieve respect from others, giving the highest respect, exceeds only people, but in the cowboy sense moves horses, cattle, pets and wild animals he encounters. With the honest skills of a mountain man, he is a polished gentleman exactly the same. A man wants to get to know the reader, while reading begins to know, and when finished, remember him as a friend who knew.

I found this book to change me, sometimes the highest compliment I could give to a literary piece. Because of that, I have contributed much more to the slowdown of time, and the abandonment of confusion and pressure knots confronts the pace of cowboy time, pasturing time, wildlife, seasonal times, and even geological times. Uniquely printed using landscape binding with portrait pages, printed on four sides by display, her published style somehow physically reminded me of traveling to wide open areas of mountains, fields and plains, rivers and large parts of the sky. The letter is gilded with a beautiful portfolio of illustrations by Vel Miller.

As a song or scent can trigger memories, for me the landscapes will now in my eyes bring greater gratitude to the details of the details, thanks to their new wondrous mentor, Mr. Robert W. Howu.

Title: Your, from Wyoming
Author: Robert W. Howe

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