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Turn on and keep some of your earnings from home. If you are not involved, you can exclude your costs only to the level of your personal marginal tax rate. If embedded, there is a large list of costs that can be written off to 100%. Why use Nevada Incorporation Service? WYOMING is a better choice. You can use online installation services and it's easier to turn on Nevada. Delaware contains "Old Hat" for "big cats". Florida company establishment has nothing to compare with Wyoming.


If you choose to join Wyoming your company may not pay a state tax. Stop for a moment and think about what you paid last year in a tax on profits in the state. If you compare NEVADA and Wyoming, keep in mind that the state legislature NEEDS, almost recently, almost brought corporate taxes. Do not gamble that this will not happen. Wyoming will never and never have a state corporation tax on income. Wyoming has a budget surplus.


Since June 1, 2005, NEEDS requires a social security number, date of birth, address of the population and telephone numbers of all shareholders, partners, officers, managers and members of all companies formed in the country. Read and see why this does not have to be a problem.

PRIVACY – Wyoming allows: carrier actions, candidate officials and life proxies. Lawyers and accountants are often asked to provide anonymous "cover for the company" for their clients, for additional privacy. To do this, you need to have a stock certificate and appoint a designated officer and / or company director. This can be arranged in Wyoming. NEVER does not exist.


The initial tax fee in Wyoming is 75% less than NEVADA, after you include a $ 125 HIDDEN fee to be credited to you after you start your company and ADD a new fee of $ 100 PER YEAR for which you count after you start your company, NEVADA has one of the highest initial fees for establishing in the country! Wyoming does not require a state permit for business and does not charge an employee registration fee. The second annual fee in Wyoming is one of the lowest in the country for $ 50. All this means that the quality package of the company in Wyoming is much less expensive than in NEVADA. Annual fee for next years will be over 77% less per year in Wyoming!


The corporation or LLC in Wyoming offers its officers and directors a higher degree of protection against lawsuits filed by dissatisfied creditors or competent prosecutors. Business as a Wyoming Corporation or LLC can provide you with greater protection of property and business privacy. The more information about you that appear in a public record, the easier it is to become a target. It is not pleasant that our law firm attacks lawyers who are looking for a man for "deep pockets". The assumption is that the out-of-court settlement is cheaper than the court. Wyoming will only require a simple "annual report" requiring the disclosure of only those assets located in the State of Wyoming and the name of one person, usually the one who submits the report.

The first LLC statutes in the United States were introduced in Wyoming in 1977. Wyoming has a limited liability company available longer than any other state and has strong laws to protect the members and managers of LLC companies, and also employees and directors of corporation C.

So, Wyoming has:

* No tax on state income

* Privacy is allowed

* Shareholders are not listed with the state

* Best laws on property protection

* Equity stocks are allowed

* The nominated officials are legal

* Citizenship is not necessary

* State tax is not considered

* Wyoming attracts little attention

* NOT NEVER "Stigma"

* Lower startup costs

Wyoming does not have:

* Income tax on citizens

* Income tax

* Tax on stock

* Tax on gross income

* Franchise tax

* Concerned regulations

* Disclosure of shareholders

* Tax on business or "per capita"

* Excise

* Tax on sales, property and heritage is among the lowest in America

Some other benefits:

* Most countries limit the number of shares you are authorized to issue; in Wyoming you can issue as many actions as you like (without any additional costs or fees) by simply entering the appropriate entries into your founding act. If you intend to finally take your company to the public, unlimited actions will be of great importance to you.

* Some countries require that you have more than one person to serve as different officers and directors of your corporation. In Wyoming you can be all employees and directors. This can give you great flexibility and control over your corporation.

* Stunning levels of anonymity can be yours. The suggestion is NOT that you must be "secret" and you certainly can not do anything illegal or even incorrect. Today's situation can lead to your participation in a lawsuit or court proceedings for the mere appearance of property. Some people think that you are "rich" if you have money after tax. This perception of the very "wealth" can make a target. Wyoming allows you to use "nominated officers / directors", which means that anyone who chooses can appear on a public record in your site that offers you great financial privacy. You can also use nominated or "third" shareholders who may be the owners of the record of the action you control. This type of service is available on the schedule of fees depending on the level of service required by the Client. As an officer or director, you can not be held responsible for the debts of a corporation – the Wyoming law is pretty strong in that respect and generally indicates that as long as you have not deliberately violated the law, you are protected from the claim against the corporation.

* Minimum bureaucratic tape: Low annual fees – Annual fees In Wyoming, they are based only on the value of corporate assets located within the country. The minimum is $ 50 and Wyoming worth $ 1 million will cost you only $ 200. That's right, $ 200 for the $ 1 million property you're holding in the state of Wyoming. There are no fees for property outside the country. So, almost all the companies involved here just owe the state of $ 50.00 a year. Wyoming does not require minimal capitalization. You can corporatively finance with whatever you want. It is generally a good idea to capitalize on a level that suits others in your industry or business, especially if you are looking for Joint Ventures. Wyoming does not require you to hold annual meetings in Wyoming. In fact, you never have to enter the country, although Tetons and Jackson Hole are places that everyone should see. Maui makes a nice annual meeting. Use your imagination.


When asked him later in life that he had accumulated a personal net worth of more than a billion dollars, John D. Rockefeller replied that he

& # 39; secret & # 39; There was nothing to control & # 39;.

This is a good advice for many reasons (no one can take over something you do not own), but sometimes it's easier said than done. By allowing another person or entity to own shares in a corporation, you can use proxies to maintain complete control. The problem is that most of the state laws require the prominence of the proxy and they are later renewed every six or seven years. This could be a problem if the "legal owner" decides not to renew his proxy. Wyoming provides proxies of lifelong life and thus protects you from this development.

Another feature:

If you already have a corporation – Once again Wyoming offers incomparable flexibility. By submitting a few simple forms, your existing corporation can become a benevolent Wyoming corporation. Your existing corporation may retain its original date of establishment after becoming Wyoming Corporation. Anyone reviewing a public record in Wyoming will see a corporation that dates back to your current corporation. You can immediately become Wyoming Corporation without losing many of the benefits of longevity and continuity of work.

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