Fly Fishing Idaho, less famous Creek Creek Creek

Not only are the rivers in Idaho spectacular fly fishing, but there are also numerous streams that provide a wonderful birth trout. The stream is one of those less well-known streams that are spectacular.

Idaho Fly Fishing in Bitch Creek Who knows how Bitch Creek got its name, but Frenziri have our theory. There are 2 access points for fish on Bitch Creek, which I will elaborate in more detail, but an access point that is usually fish is very steep and accessible. The worse it is than turning it down, it's ridiculous. We've always said that once you're down, you're good, but the bitch is out. Hence the name Bitch Creek.

The Creek

The river begins as two separate forks, which eventually join just outside the Idaho border in Wyoming. North Bitch Creek starts north of Mount Moose. South Bitch Creek starts north of Mount Dry Ridge both peaks in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Two streams come out of the mountains and eventually meet about 5 miles along the east of the Idaho / Wyoming border, formed by Bitch Creek. Before going to Idaho, Jackpine Creek is also located in Bitch Creek. Once in Idaho, it is used as a boundary separating County Fremont and County Teton. It runs through the spectacular settings of the canyon before it finally descends into the Teton River northwest of Driggs, Idaho. The wreck is only 15 kilometers long. The northern and southern forks give an additional 8 to 10 miles, but the water for fishing is only about 12-15 miles.

Location Bitch Creek is located in southeast Idah, north of the beautiful Tetons. He went through a part of a wild Jedediah Smith before he entered Idaho and continued his journey through the National Forest of Caribou Targhee. Needless to say, she lacks beauty.

As I have already mentioned, there are two main access points. It's most prominent on the highway 32 north of the Metropolitan Felt Idaho. Highway 32 is a highway connector from Ashton, Idaho to Tetonia Idaho. To get there, take Hwy 33 from Rexburg, Idaho to Driggs and just before Texas Idaho take Hwy 32 north. North of Felt Idaho Hwy 32 crosses Bitch Creek. There is a move where you can park and rest to the stream either upstream or downstream. I personally never flew upstream. The second access point is the favorite of the entertainment group and the place that delivered some of the biggest trout I've ever caught. To get here, take Hwy 32 from Ashton Idaho to Tetonia and you will pass a small town called Drummond Idaho (known by Bar Drummond). Past Drummond about 2 miles you will see the dirt in the south called the 4350 E. It is recognizable by the two structures of the fence that adorn both sides of the road. It looks like you're going into the yard of a farmer for the farm and the grove you will pass, but continue on, and the earthy road starts to end on the edge of a steep canyon. Watching the canyon is a huge contrast from the large grain fields you pass through as you arrive here. Here you will see two water convergence systems that enter one into the canyon. Here Bitch Creek falls into the Teton River. Even though I was at this place, I'm still losing many times each time. It's an inconvenient place to find, but once discovered one of the best fishing small streams you'll ever find. As an additional remark, we would like to respect the landowners / farmers so that you will remain on the dirty roads that allow fishermen to access these beautiful places.


Fishing Bitch Creek is unlike any other fishing I was on. Access is heavy, and the hike to the stream is even worse, but all this contributes to the feeling that you are the only one in the miles of those fish that call it home. And chances are you will be alone, you will never see faces of another person all day.

I first experienced this Creek 12 years ago when Mark Crapo took me there. Since then I have tried to go every year and have consistently pulled 17 – 18 inches of Cutts from this little stream. When I reach the mouth of Teton and Cook, I always move upstream from the bitch. The stream has excellent swimming pools and moves around every corner. If you do not force yourself to stop, you might find that you never go away because of the "just around the circle" syndrome that this creek creates.

The best time to fish is after the spring flow from mid-June. Yetter, Gene Simmons, and I found out on the difficult road to Frenzy 1 2002. Most of the time I was hunting the surface with rock nymphs, mostly the famous Bitch Crick. Standards such as Phasian tails, ears of conspiracy and prince nymphs always work well. The rough pattern also proved to be very productive.

If you are looking for the perfect place to catch the Great Cutts without any practical pressure, Bitch Creek is your place.

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