Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti, what's the matter? I called it Yeti

The story of Yeti, a true story

This story is a true overview of the events that happened around the reception of Yeti. I was about twelve centimeters from this incredible creature.

Yeti is Sasquatch or Big Foot. They live high in the mountains. I'm not sure whether I saw Yeti, Sasquatch or Big Foot. I call Yeti because we were high on the Rocky Mountains.

Our story begins in the state of Virginia on August 8, 2012. My wife Becky and I live in Virginia, very close to the National Park Shenandoah. It's a beautiful and beautiful area.

We live on the top of Blue Mountain, not far from Skyline Drive. Over a hundred kilometers, Skyline Drive is a highway built on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountain. There are many wild animals and magnificent beautiful views.

Becky and I saw every kind of animal, but nothing like we saw this fate of the night. This experience was invaluable and we will never forget. I'll tell you all about it.

We decided to fly and visit our grandchildren at Salt Lake City in Utah. We started a trip from Virginia to Utah by car. It took us three days driving around 8 hours a day. Every day we stayed at the motel and ate a lot of food.

Some countries are very boring to cross. Everything you see is the field after the field of corn, and some countries are miles after a mile of grass. But all countries have interesting and beautiful places.

Utah is a state of mountains, a canyon and a desert. It is extremely complex and diverse in many national parks. It is a great place to visit and explore with dramatic views and natural wonders.

We enjoyed a week with children and grandchildren. We planned a trip home, we decided to visit the Yellowstone National Park. So we left Utah on Sunday morning on August 19th and headed through Idaho to Yellowstone Park.

It was such a wonderful day and we traveled through the park for hours watching the sights. What a terrible place! It looks like you're on another planet.

Yellowstone is actually a gigantic volcano high in the mountains. Everywhere are geysers and weird sights. The whole city smells like sulfur and seems to explode at any time.

We went to Yellowstone on Sunday afternoon, although we could spend many days there. We walked past the forest that was burned by forest fire. It was a creepy look. Millions of lost black sticks point to the sky.

We drive downhill for a long, long time on the way to Cody, Wyoming. The code is called Bifalo Bill Cody, a well-known person from old border days. Cody was a born capital in the world and they had a rodeo while we pushed.

Then we should stop and get a motel room. It was such a beautiful day when we continued to drive. As we drove through North Wyoming, it started dark. Roads are very small in that part of the country and we lost after dark.

We were on the way to the east, so I thought we would always go on the Interstate 90 highway. We planned to get a motel room on that highway. We were actually heading south on a road marked in the east.

We woke up driving and driving through small towns in the darkness. There were very few mobile phone services, and we were just the only car on the road. Everything is closed and we are all alone in the middle of Wyoming.

We finally finished in Thermopolis. It is named because it is due to thermal springs or hot springs. Nothing is open shortly before midnight except McDonald's.

I saw an old lady sitting outside, enjoying her meal. I parked the car and approached her. She was very beautiful, so I asked her for directions to the Highway.

She said I missed a turn in the last city. She told me to go back and make the right turn Route 16. She also mentioned that there are many animals on that road. I thought it was weird, because it was midnight.

It was too late, but I was determined to get to Buffalo, which is on the Interstate 90. We knew little that we were heading for the Rockies! It was dark. We were tired and did not bother to look at our road atlas.

We're back to Worland, Wyoming and turn right for the 16th time. We started the road to the mountain around midnight. At that time I was driving for about twelve hours.

We were the only car on the road. There were very few road signs and no street lights. We ride upstairs, not knowing we were in the Bighorn National Forrest.

I drove slowly because I was afraid to go off the road. There were dangerous switches and switching places. I was careful and careful.

On the way to the mountain, Becky revealed all kinds of wildlife like deer and elk. I did not see them because I carefully paid attention to the road. I told Becky that if we cross over one of these cliffs, he will never find us. We did not have mobile telephony services.

Suddenly the paved road turned into dirt and pebbles. I did not know what was going on. There were no signs, no lights and no parking. It was terrible and slowly I drove.

It was really dark and the sky was filled with stars. We saw huge shooting stars and peaks of snow peaks. What a terrible sight he was, almost breathing.

We were on the top of the world on a dirty road. We were the only people out there. It was beautiful, terrible and terrible all at the same time.

The right creature appeared before my right light. I brought the brakes and probably traveled about five miles an hour. The creature was below five feet tall and standing upright. She had a very long, dirty white hair and what looked like a black mask around eye cancer.

Yeti made a wild pinball over the hood of a car. Dirty white hair flew everywhere! He descended to his feet on the driver's side. He looked directly at me through the driver's window about twelve centimeters.

I was completely mystified as a child with wide eyes! I was not afraid because it seemed to be playing with us. I could not believe what I saw.

I drove slowly and was lost in the darkness in the mirror. I looked at Becky and said, "OK, miss the animals, what was it in the world!" Becky looked shocked and murmured: "Uh … uh … and what about the porch?"

I said: "Five legs of porcupine with a raccoon mask? I do not think so! It was a jet! We just saw Jet !!!" We drove for a few minutes in silence, trying to understand what we just saw. I was stunned, embraced and glad that I would have a chance.

We slowly kept down the mountain and got a motel room in Buffalo, Wyoming. We did not say a word to anyone. I guess we can hardly believe what we just met.

So let me explain exactly what we saw. We saw a creature standing on two legs like a man. It was five feet tall or less and had huge hands and feet. Yeti was strong and smart.

She had a very long white hair everywhere except lips and hands. The hair was six to eight centimeters long, very wild and dirty. She had dark eyes, lips, nose and hands. The face was almost human. He did not have a whip like a bear. He did not have a monkey or a gorilla face.

I did not even see teeth at all. There were no songs or the like. The eyes had dark hair around them like a raccoon. She had a stupid look on her face, not a medium or a terrible thing.

I was fired from my sporting ability. He made a wild pinball over the hood and landed on his feet. I thought to myself, "This creature is not afraid of a bear or a wolf, it's smarter, stronger and faster."

That was not a threat to us. It seemed like I was fooling around or playing with us. I was almost tempted to stop the car and say goodbye.

These events took place on the 20th of August in the morning. We were on the right river between the top of Bighorn and the top Hazelton. We were on Route 16 in the east of Bighorn National Forrest.

Driving through the passage of the sky was so clear that you can see it forever. The universe is so huge and we live on this thin, tiniest planet called Earth. There are so many stars in the sky. Shooting stars is an incredible sight. What a wonderful and amazing world we live in.

Every day we go to work, sometimes we lack sights and experiences that could improve our lives. What's your life? My life is about the experiences and memories I have. If you want to have memories then you have to go out and do something.

This is my story … and I will keep it … because that's true.

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