10 best public land for Elk


Montana Beaverhead-Deer Lodge: The forest outside Dillon, which includes several mountain chains, offers numerous access points for hunters, while at the same time providing an arc of security cover. Fifty percent of the elk harvest comes from Region 3 in the southwestern part of the country.

Colorado White River: He is very fond of fishing, but he has a rich population of elk and good access. Some big bulls live in the wild ravine of this tract, but everything is in the air and here you can get plenty of snow.

Idaho St. Joe: This forest in the southern Panhandle region is among the best places in any country to reach the onion, while the neighboring National Forest Clearwater is equally good. You'll need either a GPS and a good map so you do not get lost in these deep forests, do not worry about unauthorized entry.

Wyoming Bridger-Teton: Near Jackson, the forest allows access to one of the most beautiful Alpine countries in the world. Offer abundant supply of elk.

Wyoming Shoshone: t Mountain bears provide classic game hunting. There are good populations of bulls in a large country along the northern jaw of the Shoshone River and the Sunlight pool.

Arizona Coconino: Pine Grove and Rattlesnake Quiet areas in 6A offer what are some of the biggest bulls on the planet. This is a walk on foot. It is not allowed to use motor vehicles.

Washington Wenaha – Tucannon Wilderness: Estimates of bull elves are finally rising in the famous Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington. Labels limit hunters to the spikes, but if you draw the desired tag of any bull, you will have the opportunity for a trophy on the way to smaller areas in this area of ​​the National Forest Umatilla.

Utah Ashley National Forest: The state is struggling with Arizona for the best hunting of public lands, and residents sometimes find a large stock of unbundled labels, including bulls permits. The area of ​​Uinta Mountain in this forest is an excellent choice among all areas of bulls

Oregon National Forest Siuslaw: Western Oregon. The units of Siuslaw and Alsea in the National Forest Siuslaw offer good opportunities for hunters who are willing to handle a lot of rain and do little work.

New Mexico National Forest Cibola, Santa Fé: Hunting in a small percentage, limited pulling is a rule in New Mexico, but big bulls are a reward. Zuñi Mountains and Mount Taylor Mountains in Cibola and in the Jemez area of ​​Santa Fe are easier to draw than the prestigious mark in the National Forest of Gila in the south.


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