Bentonite clay cleans your body of toxins

"Eat dirt and stay healthy!" That sounds stupid, is not it? However, taking this country out of the country can be the best thing you've been doing all day! Bentonite is one of the best natural cleansing agents for the colon. Light gray matter is also called sodium bentonite, Wyoming Bentonite, or simply Montmorillonite.

Bentonite clay is dug around Fort Benton in Wyoming, from where it was named. In fact, Bentonite is in abundant supplies in the Northwest of the United States around Wyoming and Montana. Bentonite has been used by Indians and Indigenous people for centuries to cure various illnesses by detoxifying the body.

Bentonite is actually a natural clay from the ground. It is 61% silicon dioxide, but it also contains 18% aluminum, and low amounts of iron, sodium and magnesium. It is alkaline, with pH from 8.3 to 9.1.

Bentonite works internally by attracting different gastrointestinal traps. Bentonite clay has a negative charge, while toxins have a positive charge. This leads to the attraction of toxins in the clay. When they are absorbed, the body eliminates clay and toxins and you are healthier.

Bentonite clay can absorb all toxic substances that can be imagined: poisons, impurities, harmful pesticides, bacteria, pathogens and parasites. Bentonite is not absorbed in the body so that it does not cause harmful side-effects. As a cleanser for colon, take one to three teaspoons of bentonite powder (depending on your weight) and add it to about eight ounces of liquid and mix thoroughly until the clay is completely merged with water.

Bentonite can also be used externally to treat various skin problems and detoxification baths. Some people have successfully used bentonite clay to treat their skin rash. Skin eruption such as acne can be treated with a bentonite clay coating.

The recommended detoxification procedure is to add two to three ounces of bentonite clay in water, thoroughly mix, soak and enjoy. The coating can be prepared by adding one clay to three parts of the water or until you achieve the desired consistency. Then mix thoroughly in a uniform paste and apply to the skin area.

Although it is a natural substance, several warnings are still in order.

  1. Due to the presence of aluminum in Bentonite, someone who is intolerant of aluminum should use a replacement to clean the colon.
  2. Bentonite clay can also absorb some nutrients, so it is important to take at least one hour before or after a meal.
  3. Do not take Bentonite Clay and vitamins or supplements at the same time.
  4. Drink plenty of water when you take Bentonite internally. This is very important.
  5. Bentonite must not be entered alone. Instead, take Psyllium Hust or some other high-fiber substance so that Bentonite is constantly moving through the colon.

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