Amazing Rock Shops in Estes Park, Colorado


There is a reason why stone shops in Estes Park are so fascinating. They not only sell stones from local sources, but also from all over the world. They not only sell meteorites, crystals and agates, but also fossils and bones of dinosaurs. They not only sell stone landscapes, but also polished stones turned into jewelry, sculptures and cups for serving. In other words, they are a horn of abundance and pleasure for research. In fact, they are one of the reasons why shopping in Estes Park is so special.

But let's go back for a moment and study some of the ancient history in the region to understand what we are looking at when buying in these stores. Did you know that Colorado once was covered by the tropical ocean? In fact, not just Colorado, but also the western North America was covered by the sea during part of the Paleozoic period (approximately 500 to 250 million years ago when fish, amphibians and reptiles developed).

Then there was the movement of tectonic plates of the Earth's crust, and you have Rocky Mountains rising from the Colorado country. In fact, the rocks that the mountains are made are mainly pieces of continental crust old over a billion years ago, which arose about 80 million years ago. Good sadness, and I thought I was old. (But indeed, Rocky Mountains are pretty young people, relatively speaking, when you consider Apalachi in the eastern United States to begin 480 million years ago.)

But let's throw some of the next glaciers and the ice age for some mountain erosion and you have peaks that start to appear as it is today. No wonder there are several interesting examples in Estes Park.

But what about fossils and dinosaur bones? Where do stone stores get it? It turns out that the northern neighbor of Colorado, the state of Wyoming, is an incredible source of ancient fish fossils and dinosaur bones. In fact, Wyoming supplies samples not only to rock estes stores, but also to museums around the world.

Which shop should the Estes Park deadline be visited? Everyone is great. The red rose store, on the Moraine Avenue, has a friendly owner, sets at reasonable prices and a great selection. A few years ago, my son William was thrilled to spend his money on golden flakes in Colorado at Ore Cart on Elkhorn Avenue. Nature's Own, also on Elkhorn, has beautiful objects and is worth visiting just to see the impressive bone dinosaurs displayed in their window.


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