Vore Pit


Sundance is a small town in northeastern Wyoming that has some motels used by tourists who want to see Devil's Tower, a key setting in a movie called "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". There is also "Sundance Kid", a partner of the bank and the robber of the train Butch Cassidy. From Sundance, tourists often ride west, then north to the Interstate Highway 90 (I-90) to see the Little Bighorn Battlefield where Sioux warriors have destroyed General Custer and the 7th American Cavalry. However, many tourists miss out on something equally interesting to see it is northeast of Sundance: The Vore Buffalo Jump.

Many of us are fascinated with learning about our family background. Online genealogical searches make it much easier than it was before. But what about the big picture? When the ancient people of all of us were members of the tribal society, feeding everyone was a daily challenge. Especially if the tribe was mobile and could not plant or harvest crops. Jump Vore Buffalo was a place known to tribal residents of states known as Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota.

Why? They found a natural anomaly in the country, not far from today's Sundance. We know how important the buffaloes are for many American tribes. Similarly, the significance of that animal was rooted in their cultures. After all, the bison can be a fierce beast, as well as the most common of the flesh that can feed the tribe. In stories, pictures and films, stunning scenes featured Americans who took a bison with a rifle, a spear, or an arrow. At Vore, you will see that more than one buffalo was seized at the same time by tribal warriors, and they used their brains to do it!

Without the necessary understanding of the geology of the eroding gypsum, which created a massive hole, the warriors did not know where that sink was located, and the bison was not. Why then do you take a food buffer now and then when can you take all the dozens at once? Today, the jump of Vora Buffalo is an archaeological treasure bone of estimated 20,000 buffalo and many projectiles. It was a killing zone for tribal people from at least 1500 to 1800. So far, only about 5% of the sites have been excavated (to the level of 15 feet). Most of the findings are found in museums. You would not want to travel to Sundance and that your wife and children miss this, are not you? I did not mean that.


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