Become an experienced and aware empat – a spiritual journey


Armed with a doctorate and a lucrative advisory profession at age 30, I started what was to be one of the shorter careers in the history of the academy. Having been nominated for early career awards and author of six research publications, I decided to leave my position at the University of Wyoming in 2005 after only three years to start working with empatists in Santa Fe, NM. I had to follow my heart. After I realized that I was empat, there was no return.

The cultural identity of the empath is rapidly growing and it receives the mainstream acceptance; Proof of this are the best-selling holistic books of healing dr. Judith Orloff. The primary character of empate is a high degree of sensitivity to the emotional state of other people. If you have ever been told that you are a good listener, then you may be empat. People feel comfortable sharing their emotions and deepest thoughts with empathes, and then we tend to be especially popular during high stress like a holiday.

However, the ability of empaths to connect with others can lead to unwanted health consequences. In many cases, empaths will accept the emotional pain of other people as if they were theirs. In toxic situations, intense emotional energy can deeply affect the empathy. We can inadvertently absorb emotions, like a sponge. For years I walked around with what seemed to me as if two hooks were stuck in my heart.

In 2003, I thought of healing for my accumulated emotional and physical pain. I started a five-year internship with two Indian healers and I drove an 8-hour trip from Laramie, Wyoming to Santa Fe every month. I quickly discovered why counseling is so easy. The Indian community recognizes empathy. These individuals are trained as doctors and women in tribes and communities.

Research has shown that approximately twenty per cent of people are generally very sensitive. In my experience and observation, there are fewer empaths (those that are particularly sensitive to other people). Perhaps 5% of all people are natural empires – and most do not recognize them. I see women and men living their lives wondering what's wrong with them, which is called hypersensitive or hypersensitive – which can now relieve relief. What is really considered hype or even mental illness is a special gift for understanding the emotions and motivations of other people.

In my practice of training, I help empathic people to distinguish what their energy is and what comes from other people. We are working on high-sensitivity coping strategies and preventing the absorption of harmful energy.

I am so happy and privileged to work in this special field with empathes, helping us to become more joyful, more clairvoyant and more aware of the enormous spiritual gifts that we have been blessed with.


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