Tournament Music Journal: Wedding Bell Blues


Life as a traveling musician can be very difficult for any romantic relationship. Fortunately for me, my husband John and I work together. This does not mean that we are free from strife and distractions, but we manage to circumvent many issues related to the significant other left at home.

Sometimes, however, a significant other simply can not be calm. One of our former drummers, Ken, had a girlfriend who was always poor; she was angry when she went on the road without her, and she constantly complained of everything when she came. Ken finally had enough and broke up with her.

About the same time, he began to talk to Silva, whom he knew from his "real" job. They started right away, and while we were on the tour, he wrote and talked to her constantly. He said that he finally found someone who would support his dream to be a working musician, and he was the happiest we ever saw him.

I knew Kena for many years and worked with him on some previous projects. He was with my current band for over three years, and I felt that we all had a strong "family" relationship. After he and his new girlfriend had fun for several weeks, he invited her to come along with us. She looked happy to continue our little adventure and things went well. Two weeks later we went out for a longer run, starting Sunday in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a few days in Mescalero, New Mexico, and then a stupid path to Bismarck, North Dakota in a week. Sylvia seemed to be having a good time, so she even came to the stage with the band to dance and sing some backup vocals.

Just before we left Wyoming, Ken announced he would be married in New Mexico. Concert in New Mexico is one of the rare performances that does not include accommodation, so we all agreed to share one room in order to save money. It was a bit of a disadvantage, especially for the newlyweds, but we took the best advantage of it. They decided to get married on Sunday morning before we set off for North Dakota. With the help of some native relatives, the happy couple found a pastor, and the wedding ceremony was a nice, simple success. Although we had a very long ride ahead of us, and we had to be in Bismarck until Tuesday night, we decided to stay in New Mexico another night in separate rooms in order to have a real night of the night.

The next morning we filled up and set off on the road. The young men traveled in their vehicle, so we said, "I'll see you in Bismarck" and split up. Everyone spent a hard drive, and we settled into a band for the band. The room for the band was basically a motel room with a large extra bedroom. To get in and out of the room, my family had to constantly go through the area of ​​the newlyweds, and it seemed that the tension that is deteriorating every day seemed to increase.

The day after our arrival in Bismarck, our reservation agent called to see if we could go to Minot, North Dakota for the next week, and then to Montana for a week. It's often the way we work. All those who are associated with the band agreed to do the shows, so we signed a contract (electronic). We are now legally dedicated to performances. Minot was just two hours away from Bismarck, but we had problems with the tires with our van. We told Ken that we will stop and buy tires before we go. Since we had two more weeks of work, we spent most of the money on tires, oil and other vehicle needs.

After a few hours we were on our way. Approximately half way to our destination, I received the text from Sylvie, who said that the newlyweds do not go to Minot, but they went home. My family and I were in a very difficult situation; We spent cash on the van and we did not have the money to get home in Jut (800 miles away). We were also under contract, so as not to come to the concerts would mean a lawsuit and a loss of work. I immediately called some good friends in Minot, who were musicians. Gary played the guitar on stage with us in Minot earlier, and his wife Julie was just a drummer!

They saved us from a terrible fate, and the seven-day concert was excellent. They could not continue the tour, so I invited another drummer from Salt Lake City to Utah to meet in Montana on our next show, and he proved to be a great asset and decided to stay as a regular member of the band. Although I'm glad we went through the tour, I'm still very sad about losing friendship with Ken, and since then we have not heard from him or Sylvie.


Synergy of healing conversation and touch


  • Touch allows you to get to the core of things.
  • The conversation allows you to understand its meaning.
  • Combining an empathetic conversation with a gentle, healed touch is a transformation.

Rubenfeld's synergy method (RSM) was developed in 1970 by its founder, Ilana Rubenfeld. She started her career as a conductor and gradually began to have intense back and shoulder back pain. This led her to personal research and self-healing. At that time, she received the sessions of Aleksandra Tehnika, who were focused to help her reconcile her posture and movement. But as she received this gentle touch, her emotions would fall to the surface, and Master Alexander was not trained to help her. So she traveled to the city of New York to spend time with the Gestalt therapist. But in therapeutic sessions, her emotions were not so exciting. This is what led her to begin combining this gentle touch with the story in an attempt to integrate the two systems in her body. The result was more than two separate entities, so the term "synergy".

Rubenfeld Synergists are men and women who came to the same realization or "aha" moment in their career and life. They saw that Ilana Rubenfeld or some other "synergist" performed the "magic" that happens during the session. They saw with their eyes the transformation of the client's experience when they received this kind of listening and intentional dialogue. This "aha" moment brought bodybuilders (massage therapists, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, nurses and other practitioners who use touch in their work), psychotherapists (psychologists, social workers, spouses and family therapists, psychiatric counselors, and even psychiatrists only conversations are used when working with clients), housewives, businessmen, lawyers, medical experts, artists, musicians and others in a healing experience to become a certified Rubenfeld Synergist.

Where can you find a qualified practitioner of this unusual and powerful work? Here's the location of currently certified synergists and locations are just wider and this work reaches back to hungry clients and curious therapists.

Certified synergists in the United States

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Minnesota
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Vermont

Certified synergists in Canada

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario, CA

Certified synergists in Europe

  • Wales
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland

Trainees in Taiwan

If you are looking for a way to cure your body and your emotional anxiety without drugs, RSM is a way to explore. If you want to help your clients cure the physical and emotional pain, you can begin to learn this powerful method in just 7 months. Check the Rubenfeld Synergy website to find a practitioner at your location and check the Rubenfeld Training Institute website to find out about upcoming trainings.


Dennis Erickson, Head of Football Coach Arizona State University (ASU) – Coaching Bio at NFL & College


Dennis Erickson was born on March 24, 1947 and has been a football player for decades. The latest development of Erickson's career in football is that he is the main football coach for the State University of Arizona (ASU) Sun Devils located in the Tempe region of Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to joining Arizona in 2007, coach Erickson spent some time working on various football programs while perfecting his craft.

Dennis Erickson was a football star in the small city of Ferndale, DC, where he grew up. The city with less than 10,000 inhabitants is only a few minutes away from the border with Canada. After being highlighted as a beacon in the city 25 miles north of Seattle, Dennis enrolled at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, where he played a battalion for combat Bobcats from 1966-1968. Immediately after finishing the game, Erickson immediately became a graduate assistant coach for his alma mater for the 1969 season.

In 1970, Dennis spent a year as chief football coach at Billings, Montana High School, before being hired as an assistant trainer in Montana for the 1971-1973 season. Coach Erickson went to the coaching rink that included stopping with:

• University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho

Fresno State University in Fresno, California

San Jose State in San Jose, California

• University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming

Washington State University in Pullman, Washington

• University of Miami in Miami, Florida

• Seattle Seahawks from the NFL

• Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon

• San Francisco from the NFL

In 2007, Dennis Erickson accepted the training position at State University of Arizona (ASU) Sun Devils of Pacific 10 (Pac-10). In Erickson, Sun Devils got a season coach season with six years of experience as head coach in the NFL and two state soccer football championships since he trained the University of Miami in 1989 and 1991.

In the first three seasons as head coach in the state of Arizona, Dennis failed to impress fans who were hoping to make their team at least relevant at the Pac-10 conference, which has long been dominated by the University of Southern California. In three seasons, Erickson has a cumulative record in ASU from 19 victories and 18 defeats. His only post-season hunting in his short three-year term came his first year in 2007 when his team lost at Holiday Bowl at the University of Texas.


Movements and rights to employment of women


The women's voting right relates to a political movement that took place around the world at different times (1800-1990), struggling to extend the right to vote (or the right to vote) on women. In the United States, the movement began around 1848 and lasted nearly seventy years before a decisive national victory was achieved.

The women's rights movement began in 1848 in New York women's actions such as Elizabeth Kadi Stanton and Lucretia Mot, who launched a fight at the Seneca Waterfalls Convention. A few years later, now known Susan B. Anthony joined the fight at the Syracuse Convention.

There were numerous early victories that helped pave the way for national success in the struggle to achieve equal voting rights for men and women. In 1869 Wyoming became the first state to extend the right to vote for women. In fact, their state motto, "Equal Rights", reflects this triumphal achievement. Just a year later, Utah also gave women the right to vote.

By the end of the century, two additional states, Idaho and Colorado, joined Yutha and Wyoming in ensuring equal voting rights to all individuals, regardless of gender. However, despite these achievements, there was still no nationally recognized legislation that would allow women to vote.

This changed in 1920 after a long and difficult struggle, which involved many points of imprisonment and arrest. Then, President Woodrow Wilson called on the Congress to pass what would become the nineteenth amendment, stating: "The right of US citizens to vote will not be denied or shortened by the United States or any state due to sex."

The adoption of this amendment has brought a successful end to the efforts of the American women's rights movement. However, there are still a number of sexual inequalities that need to be addressed. With the issue of voting, attention was paid to the disparity between salaries paid to men and women who did the same job.

In 1921, just one year after the adoption of the nineteenth amendment, William Howard Taft was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and struggled to ensure equal pay for women in the workforce. In 1934, the Supreme Court annulled a decision on an earlier court decision, concurring with Taft's position on the issue, and ruled that the separate hours / rates for men and women were unconstitutional.


Charter in Yellowstone National Park


Renting an airplane for a job is one thing, but hiring it in a free time makes a trip special at the whole other level. One you can go to your schedule, and two do not have to crawl with busy airports and the hassle that you fly.

When you add the freedom to rent a plane to the freedom of exploration of one of the most exciting natural areas, somewhere like the Yellowstone National Park, for example, you have a game made on a holiday paradise.

Yellowstone National Park is 3,468 square kilometers of wildlife, wildlife, and half of the natural thermal features of the world that span three American states: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. It contains many lakes, canyons, rivers and beautiful cliffs made of volcanic terrain where it is located. It has nine centers for visitors and museums and five different entrances, and it is the first national park ever to be designated in the United States.

Probably the most famous of geysers in the park is the Old Faithful, which affects the visitors of the eruption every 91 minutes. Old Faithful is just one of the thousands of thermal characteristics that can be found in the park and attracts thousands of people from around the world every year.

Of course, the park is home to many species of plants, trees, grasses and flowers, and many different species of animals also call it a park. Visitors can stay in one of many lodges or camps in one of the many campsites that are sprinkled across the park itself, and in order to make the negotiation of the park much easier, there are paved roads to the main areas and the path for visitors to get closer to the features.

Because the Yellowstone National Park is so spacious and has five entrances, you can access it from several smaller airports, which is great for those smaller boats on which it can land and take off. The airports of Wyoming and Montana also have transport to and from the park which are reasonable prices and are perfect for travelers traveling charter flights to and from the park with ease.

So, the next time you want to go out into nature and explore one of the most fascinating parks in the United States, why not add that freedom and charter plane that will lead you to style? It's easier than you think and your holiday will make something for a lifetime of memory.


You remember Lane Frost


In the summer of 89, I was interviewed at a rodeo in Redding, California, along with a cowboy from Oklahoma and a bull called Red Rock. That would be one of his last interviews; He died on his next rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 30th. His name was Lane Frost.

Later, a film about his life and a rodeo career titled "8 seconds" was shot. In it, Luke Perry played a young athlete and even appeared in Red Rock.

News of the Accident in Shayen spread rapidly. I was ranked on a rodeo in Rock Springs, Wyoming, in order to ride "round 8", when all the rodee competitors went out to the audience before the start of the show. Someone said, "Lane is down to Cheyenne."

As we finished the routine of opening, we heard that Lane was dead. Lane Frost was a friend of many in the world of rodeo. In fact, his memory was held at a church in Oklahoma that held 1200, and nearly 3500 appeared to be forgiven. His parents chose his last resting place in Mt. The Olivet cemetery in Hughes, Oklahoma, right next to the place where his friend Freckles Brown lay years earlier.

The film "8 seconds" tried to fulfill his life, but did not touch how deep the friendship between Lane and Tuff Heedeman was. I was with Tuff shortly after Lane's death in another rodeo in Fort Madison, Iowa. He appeared, ready for a ride and a tour of the press. Tuff and I were on auction for the benefit of some charity organization. We both had to play with someone who gave us the offer.

On that fateful day in Cheyenne, after many precipitation, Lane mounted a bull called Takin. Care of Business. & # 39; Cowboys had their name for it. They labeled the animal "Bad on the bone". Lane pulled out and managed to score 85 points and approaching $ 10,000 in the prize pool. After driving, Lane shivered. Then the bull turned and hit him. His horn broke the ribs, cut the blood vessel, and pierced his heart.

He died in the arena despite the fact that doctors unsuccessfully tried to revive it for hours at the hospital. Tuff was finally allowed to see her recently faded friend after what "seemed like forever" in the waiting room. Three days later, he served as one of his carriers.

Today in the Cheyenne Arena there is a statue of a young bulldozer where he lost his life by doing what he loved. The burial ground in which the burial site has permanent visitors. Many in the world of rodeo and wider were affected by the death of this young man.

Dozens, maybe hundreds, marked him by calling their sons after this junior hero. The website publishes pictures of many of the same cowards called "Lane Frost, Remembrances of 50 years, 25 have disappeared but are not forgotten."

Lane Clyde Frost was an American professional bull rider and a member of the PRCA-Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association.


Incredible Crane Fly Larva – Part II – Sample killer for big trout


After reading about how the trout loves to eat a larva of gardens, I went in search of them to see what this actually is about. Not far from my then-house in Boulder, Colorado runs through a small stream called the Boulder Brook. I went to the brook and began to topple the walls looking for a larva of crane cranes. Lo and look, the brook was filled with a giant larva (Tipula abdominalis). I collected a few samples, put them in a cup for a quarter, and took them home to their binder. You can imagine how my wife was thrilled when she saw the jar with the "worms" in her set on my bench. No worries, she still expected such strange behavior. A jar full of worms was always better than killing on the road.

I started experimenting with different combinations of Ligas synchronization (the product of Ligas duplication produced more transparent effects than other dubbing materials) until I got an absolutely perfect mixture that corresponds to the color of the larva. Transparent effect, I used the technique of doubling the loop to imitate the imitation. The Mustad 9672 # 2 was the perfect length corresponding to the size of the larva of a crane that I had in the vessel. When I finished, I dropped the imitation in the jar to see how close I came to fit with the real "bug". My imitation was so perfect that I could not recognize the difference between the real larva and my imitation, except that the hook floated from it! I could not wait to try it out. I went to fish my favorite river, North Platte in Wyoming, about 15 miles upstream of Saratoga, Wyoming, at the state-owned lease department called "The Island of Treasures".

Later, at the end of my fishing day, I met two more fishermen at the parking lot and asked if they were lucky. Expressing disappointment, they informed me that they had only two trout. They complained that the river was too high and the water was too blurred. They were locals and they convinced me that fishing would improve as soon as the second round ended; then they asked me how I was. I proudly answered; "I had a wonderful day, I caught about 30 fish." Both of them reacted astonished, and of course they wanted to know what I was using. They were both very surprised when I showed them my cableway induction.

For years I've been tying flies to the Great Rocky Mountian furry company Saratoga, Wyoming, and they used my crankcase. Here Weirsema, stores & the owner told me that he first hunted the larvae of the Crane Flyer and produced the largest trout trout he had ever made in North Platte. I also submitted a sample of the larvae of the crane lane, Rod Walinchus from Rawlins, Wyoming (Great Flight Division) for his book, "The Flies of South Wyoming". After the book was published, Rod sent me a copy of the book. He also included a note that he had a tattoo of 8 lb lb brown with a frog on his first cast! About a year later, I saw an article in Rocky Mountain news written by an open-source writer, praising the fish that grab the "ugly olive oil". The word came out.

As I mentioned earlier, the larvae of the crane fly is transparent and the three colors will imitate most of the larvae: light gray olive, dark or dark olive. Fly is easy to tie, and it's very simple design. It looks like a small cigar.

I tie them in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8 s. For the Southern Platte in the Cheesemann canyon near Decker's Colorado, size 6 and 8 is preferred in dark and dark olive colors. However, on larger rivers, such as North Platte, Green, Big Horn or Colorado, for example; Size 2 and 4 are better. Further to the north is a larger larva of the Kranj fly. In Montana, I'm only hunting a size 2 heavy weight in a light gray-olive tree.

There are two ways of presenting for flyers to fish the larvae of a crane fly: First, you can take them dead like any other nymph; when hunting nymphs. Or two, you can hunt them on the sinking line using a short 6-foot leader with a slow pull of your arm. I had a tremendous success with both methods. For really wide water, the submerging method will fly to places that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with a nymph fishing style.

The initial time to catch a cow larvae is from the beginning of May to the end of July. I caught fish in a pattern every season except winter.

Where to hunt cow larvae? I start in the head of any run right below the rifle. I like to throw a fly in the quick water above and let it wash in the race. Do not be surprised if you get it right away. From here I check every place where it can be scattered throughout the round.

When fishing, the crane flies on the sink line, use a size 2 or 4. The dead go to the first half of the head and swim in the other half. A larger sample will be taken as a larvae for the cranial line and / or as a tie. The sinking technique is very deadly and will produce the largest fish in the river.

As for the "beautiful" flies, the cow fly fly fly is not very impressive to watch, however, trout does not know it. They just want to eat it. Use a minimum 3X ticket or a stronger one. The most dominant fish in the brook is usually the first one to crack; so hold on and be sure you have the camera with you.


Magic City of Cheyenne invites you to a great break


Cheyenne is renowned for its outstanding scenic views and exciting features as the capital city of Wyoming. This place is often referred to as the "Magic City Plain". This city is one of the oldest and largest regions in the country. This miraculous city was named after its American Indian Cheyenne, which was one of the influential tribes of this area.

This city is located just a hundred miles north of Denver, Colorado. According to the 2000 census, the population of the region is about 53,011, making it the largest city of the state standing behind Burlington and Vermont.

The history of this region will take you to the eighteenth century when General Grenville M. Dodge and his colleagues planned a place known as Cheyenne in the Dakota territory. This place was the place where the Union Pacific railroad around the Crow Creeka meet. It's sloppyly called 'Crow Creek Crossing', and later its name was named after the American nation.

The city of Cheyenne is famous for exhibiting many of the attractions in Wyoming. The attractions of this area include some of the most prominent and must visit locations such as Cheyenne Botanical Gardens along with the Frontier Days Old West Museum and more. It also offers spectacular events and festivals in the form of Super Day, Cheyenne Frontier Days, etc. Which will definitely make your tour worthwhile.

There is a whole range of attractions across the Wyoming region. Hotspots and geysers around Yellowstone Park are one of the most famous attractions. The site is known as Old Faithful because it shows natural geysers that release water under pressure from the ground.

Another exotic attraction of the park is Mamut Hot Springs. There is a general belief that the water of these sources contains healing and rejuvenating properties.

Cheyenne Botanical Gardens are a must-see city attraction located at Lions Park in Cheyenne. This location is not only a glass garden or garden, but also contains a conservation and horticultural therapeutic program. In this garden there are several historic wooden houses, as well as a varied offer of vegetables and fruit trees.

If you have an enthusiasm for watching birds, Kiwanis Lake and Holiday Park are some of the most popular bird watching sites. This is the place where you could get a chance to watch rare bird species and night sheaves.

There is a treasury of popular and entertaining festivals with several exciting concerts, events and performances that are organized all year round. The city is also known for its largest roots all over the nation. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy any of the festivals regardless of when you visit the city.

The city of Cheyenne offers some of the most elegant and comfortable accommodations for travelers from all over the world. This place represents a number of well-known accommodation in the form of luxury and cheap hotels. Even cheap hotels in the city offer the best accommodation facilities that attract even tourists with enough budget.


Moose Hunting – the size is important


Whoever said that "size is not important", obviously he was not a hunter of elves. The largest reindeer family, Los is moving from North America through North Canada and Alaska. Like many things, the size is relative. All the elk are huge, about the size of a purebred horse, but even among giants, there are differences.

Here's a short review of the bad and what you need to know before you go.

1. Shiras or Wyoming Moose:

The smallest of sub-types of losers, these giants are spreading to the north of the United States and South Canada. The record book of Shiras will have a sports weight of 186 "or more Boone & Crockett.

This is one of the heaviest hunt for procura, since most of the areas where these hunts are hunted are limited input units. Make sure you know the rules before booking hunting equipment.

2. Canadian Los: t

Middle brother in the Losov hierarchy, this moose moves from British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland in the East. Larger than Shiras loses, a record Canadian loser book will carry a mass of horns in the total amount of 220 "or more Boone and Crockett.

A rich number and guaranteed tags in many Canadian provinces, this is a great animal that needs to continue. Expect that you pay $ 5,000 to $ 8,000 for an eight-day hunt with quality equipment.

3. Alaska-Yukon Moose:

As his name suggests, these northern giants wander with tundra from Alaska to Yukon. The big daddy of all the losers, the horns of the horns will go over 70 "and the total mass of horns over 250" Boone & Crockett.

Expect to pay more for these guys. The cost of quality Alaska Losers ranges between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000. This will be a great investment and once in a lifetime trophy.

This is a brief overview of the bad and what you can expect from each species you are hunting. Talk to your hunting supplier and guide to make sure that you are hunting for the species you are looking for.

Remember, time in the field is a gift, enjoy!

Until the next time, Happy Hunting.

Bob Russell


Incorporation and Taxes for Online Business


Even if your site or online business does not work from a corporation or LLC, you probably thought about whether there was any obligation or tax benefit from inclusion. Online businesses have differences than they can lead to advantages over companies without a presence on the Internet.

One big reason for incorporating is due to the legal separation between you and your web business. Online business limits the boundaries of traditional jurisdictions because web businesses can be incorporated in one country, have their owners in another, while web hosting companies and servers can be in completely different countries from the client. Your business becomes your legal entity that pays taxes and has the ability to be incorporated in any country you decide. Therefore, there is no reason to limit yourself to joining your country. Although businesses can be domiciled in any country, they still have to register and pay taxes in every country in which they operate online. Although each country has different definitions, in most cases, if you have employees or office space in a particular country, you do business there.

In a clean online business, your company can only exist in the virtual world. If you do not have office space and contract services such as programming, server administrators and web development, you are the perfect candidate for saving money in a tax paradise. Hosting a hosting and web marketing saves money because the corporation has never been legally domiciled.

Tax schedules allow eCommerce sites to be incorporated into countries that have a business law – no income tax, franchise tax, or personal income tax. The two main tax havens in the United States are Nevada and Wyoming. Wyoming has lower tariffs and less stigma that can be appealing to launch eCommerce sites.

For truly virtual online business, all that's needed is the corporation of Nevada or Wyoming. Remember, this can not be an LLC without your IRS taxation. Otherwise, all income goes through your individual tax return in your country of residence. This means paying state tax at the individual level for your business, as if you are yourself income.

The formation of a corporation requires the passage through bureaucracy in hundreds of miles away, so most recommend using a professional service. While initial web developers can only get used to it, specialized national companies that have links with government agencies can speed up that process. It's important to remember that once your payroll is issued, your corporation or LLC will have to register for a job in your country. Your online business will now have to pay a tax on all the revenue that has been earned in that country. When this happens for online business, it is to take the money from the company in the form of loans and dividends.

Professional incorporation services in these countries will help you set up (or you can, yourself) a qualified registered agent who lives in the country to inform you about the submissions and in good standing with the state. You must use the address of your registered agent and have a bank account opened in the state that it looks like you are legally doing business in that country. Think about it as a complete separation of yourself and your web business. Since you manage an online company, it's easy, but it has to appear while your business operates outside your country of residence.