Dinosaur: Getting to know aloesia

Allosaurus may not receive the same recognition as other large carnivores such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, but does not make a mistake that it was a terrible predator that deserves people's attention. This dinosaur was probably the most common carnivore of the late Jurassic period due to the large number of fossil remains that were collected. Unfortunately, not enough complete samples were found, as there are two large carnivores of that period under the same name, but there is not enough evidence to distinguish whether the samples are the same species.

Allo, as we will now speak of Allosaurus, was about 30 feet to 40 feet long and lived about 156 million to 145 million years in the late-morning. The fossil remains are located in the areas of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, to name a few.

Allo, he had a big one-meter-long head, and the lower jaw would be hooked, which would allow her to overturn large chunks of meat at one time. The powerful, big back legs, which were very muscular, gave him the ability to run very quickly, about 20 miles plus an hour in relatively short bursts.

The hands of Alla, or the frontal limbs, were much shorter than the hind legs, but there were three very sharp claws on it that would be used to lower its prey. To add danger, Alloo had short horns above his eyes.

There was speculation about Allo's plunder, because while there were many dinosaurs that Allo could easily have killed, it should be kept in mind that they lived at a time when Sauropodi were abundant, Sauropodi as a diplomat who would be massive in comparison. Some experts believe that Allo might have attacked those big dons, certainly young, but it would not be alone, but in a package, similar to today. Later speculations suggest that Tyrannosaurus Rex would act similarly.

Alosaurus has not yet been present in many dinosaur films, in fact none of which comes to mind, but the fact is that these dinosaurs were great predators that would create a storm that T-Rex and others were not around. However, Allosaurus appears in many of today's dinosaur toys, from brands such as Papo, Bullyland and Safari that have created all the fantastic models.

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