Book Review – Her Viking Heart by Heidi Herman


"Her Viking Heart" Heidi Herman is a convincing story of love, loss, betrayal and redemption because a woman reveals a family secret that changes everything she has ever known.

When Anne Miller's father was killed less than two years after her mother's death, Ana found herself alone in the world. Returning to her family home, Anna has a difficult task of sorting and packing things from her parents. When she encounters some mysterious documents in her father's research, she is confused but intrigued. Determined to complete the research started by her father, Ana moves on a journey that will return several generations in history to the Second World War. As she begins to discover the mystery of her family, her research leads to a small town in Wyoming. Just in this city he meets a handsome rancher named Logan Harris, who awakens the feelings that have not intermingled in her for a long time. As Ana approaches to discovering the truth about her family secrets, she realizes that this can be at the expense of her personal happiness.

It's been a long time since I read such an enchanting story. The puzzle, the settings, the characters – I considered all the elements just as satisfying. It's a well-balanced narration with a lot of developments that move the story continuously forward, with enough surprises that transform into predicting the building and the right amount of drama, romance and intrigue for readers to be engaged.

The characters easily connect and feel honest in their roles and situations. I experienced immediate attraction for Ani – her emotions jumped from the pages while she was forced to deal with issues that can not be imagined, unless they are in those shoes. Her personality surprised Mama's instinct in me while I was swinging between the desire to give her such a hug that only a mother can give and who wants to take over and fix things for her! Not that she needed someone to fix something for her. Capable, resilient and powerful, I enjoyed investing in Ann, stood in her corner and rooted as she revealed the secret. I am particularly thrilled to see how it evolves through the whole story, while reevaluating things that were important in her life.

"Her Viking Heart" is the first story I read from Heidi Herman, but it will not be the last. She is a natural narrator who easily transfers readers to another time and place. This was so fun reading, and I recommend it to lovers of contemporary fiction with the elements of subtle romance, good mystery for solving, and enough turns to keep the readers holding their fingers.


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