Dinosaur: Meet Pachycephalosaurus

Pachycephalosaurus was a bone dinosaur that was a rare species. Some of you might know or recognize this dinosaur from Lost World, which was a continuation of the Jurassic Park. Pachycephalosaurus was a short dinosaur that the hunting group seized, although it was at the heart of the great battle that saw it as a major damage to their vehicles. Later in the film, and thanks to one of the main characters, we saw that he was able to get out unharmed.

Dad, as we will direct them, lived in a late chalk, about 68 million to 65 million years ago. The fossil remains were found in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and even to Alaska. Dad was a plant-eating and dug his vegetation underground.

The large skull that held the shape of the bone on its roof would have measured about 25 inches in length for an adult. There are different bonehead theories, some experts have assumed they would use this feature to deal with competing males in competitions that could have been territorial or during the mating season. Other experts have mitigated this idea because they feel that the bone is not strong enough for this type of use and will simply end up killing. The more likely explanation today is that they would have the other side of the dinosaur to refuse them.

So he had bone spikes at the end of the muzzle, which would add a layer of danger to appearance, but it is usually thought to be used as an advanced tool for digesting food and vegetation.

It would have grown to about 14 to 16 feet (not high) and we would only weigh between 900 pounds and 1,000 pounds, which was not so great in terms of dinosaurs. It is thought, due to the shape of the skull and the type of dinosaur Well, that they would have a very good sense of smell, which is again likely to be used in the search for food.

Well, they were probably a flock of creatures, running in big packs. By the way, running would be their only true form of defense because at that time there were some big predators who roamed the territory.

Pachycephalosaurus was another example of a remarkable dinosaur that survived in a very dangerous time. There are some great images of Pachycephalosaurus recreations that can be found in dinosaur books and on-line. The brand Papo created a brilliant model worth seeing.

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