Rodeo History

Rodeo can be a very exciting event for a family or group of people to go and watch. It reflects the imagination and nostalgia of the cowboy era in American history and helps people to reconnect with the past. The history of the rodeo is interesting and filled with small competitions that in different ways united cowboy crews.

The beginning of these competitions began in 1700 with the Spaniards and their rancher arms known as vaqueros. These ranchers were widespread around what is now, the US Southwest, when Spain owned the country. There were several events in which ranchers' hands could compete. Many of these events are still in competition today, including robberies of various animals on farms, riding horses and bulls, rowing, teaming and bronze riding. Early rodei also had events such as horse breaking, which could become very dangerous if not careful, breeding, which turned into more competition, how cowboy methods became more popular, and branding animals. In 1800, cattle were a major part of the cowboy life, with trails such as Chism, Goodnight-Loving, and Santa Fe were all ways to bring cattle from the southeastern parts of the United States to the eastern parts of the United States of America. At the end of these trails, cowboys who had to crash the stress of driving often held contests between crews to see who was the best. This will ultimately become a form of entertainment for people from border towns, such as Prescott, Arizona or Cheyenne, Wyoming. They used many of the above mentioned events, which led to the birth of today's rodeo.

Modern rodeo are governed by the rules and regulations prescribed by the IGRA. His policy can be found online and covers all aspects of the birth of life from the demands of the association to professional behavior in the arena and elsewhere where the rodeo is held. Many of these rules regulate the way animals are valued, due to various animal rights groups and their claims that animals are tortured. One of the main concerns in animals is that the roots of the animals are so received by animals. This is because animals are made to wear a side strap that connects testicles. This helps keep the testicles in place and give them little energy to relax. The 8-second rule was established for the safety of animals, mainly because the animal is dying and the adrenaline stops flowing. It also helps keep the animal wild and unbroken, so it can behave in other rodeos.

Cow safety is almost secondary to animal safety. Terrible injuries and death occur every year from being hit or thrown into a fence that separates the crowd from the arena. If this is a sport for you, make sure that you have the appropriate training and some kind of protection for the area of ​​the upper chest and abdomen. This is the place where the most hurt.

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