Jackson Polok: A man who dared to leave

The summary is a medium of artistic expression, which is considered by many experts as a modern type of art. It is a type of topic that can only be appreciated by a careful eye, since most works of art have no particular image or image. This is why only a small number of artists use abstraction, because art draws a very thin line between what is artistic and what is not. In this article we will talk about one of the few people who revolutionized and surpassed the abstract theme and was Jackson Pollock. This article was created to know more about his contributions to the world of modern art that put him among the great artists our world has ever seen.

Pollock's Early Life:
Jackson Pollock was born Paul Jackson Pollock on January 28, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming. His father was a government surveyor and farmer, while his mother was an evil woman who had artistic ambitions. Jackson was the youngest of five brothers and sisters, and he was also one who was often deprived of care and attention.

Jackson's family moved to Arizona during his youthful days. At the age of eight, his father became an alcoholic and at that time he turned to his older brother, Charles, to become his father and his greatest artistic influence. Jackson then enrolled in Manual Arts, where he learned to draw. He had some ability to show, but the problem was that he had difficulty expressing himself through the drawings. In the end, he was expelled from the institution because he often began to fight.

In 1930, he moved to New York with Charles to perfect his artistic skills led by Thomas Hart Benton. Jackson was getting closer to his teacher that he was often hired to guard Benton's child. Pollock's father died in 1933 and was therefore very depressed. He solved alcoholism, and this was solved by his eviction in his brother's home while threatening Charles. a woman with an ax when he was drunk that night, but then turned his anger at one of his brothers.

Going through the age of depression:
President Roosevelt launched a program to help people earn money at the time of depression. This project was called Public Works of Art, and Pollock was himself employed in this project, which brought him a $ 24.20 earnings per week. It was a break that Jackson had to use to show his modern artistic style. Pollock managed to make thousands of works of art with the help of his contemporaries (Orozco, Rothko, Kooning). Although he has already proved his value as an artist, he can not separate himself from the drink. That is why in 1937 he thought that psychiatric therapy for alcoholism and this stage proved productive for his artistic journey because he was able to explore new artistic media while at the same time doing it well.

Lee Krasner met in 1942, which will then become the love of his life. Couple married in 1945.

Pollock's "droplet" period:
The period of "drowsiness" of Pollock's life occurred between 1947 and 1950. At this stage, he became widely popular, that some established artists and friends saw him as growing competition. His performance at the Betty Parsons Gallery in 1949 was sold out and soon he became the highest-paid modern painter of his time. He was the subject of great criticism even to Benton, who was his former mentor. As a result, he was recalled into his alcoholism. His 1950s show at the Parsons Gallery was not sold. He called most of his paintings on the basis of the date when he ended, because he began to regard symbolic titles as misleading to the public.

His depression was largely represented on his works, as did most of his paintings in this period, from black and white. He abandoned his "droplet" mode of painting and is often seen in Cedar Bar drinking and collecting the fight. Pollock's wife Lee Krasner was so concerned about him that she stopped working to help her husband through difficult times. But he became even more diluted in his depression that he directed to his bitter death.

On August 11, 1956, Jackson Pollock was killed in a car accident while drunk while driving. There were two passengers who were with him at the time of the incident, Ruth Kligman (his girlfriend) and Edith Metzger who died with Jackson during a car accident.

The contribution of Jackson Pollock is still respected by many artists, even if he lived and died in a tragic way. His modern approach is still considered the peak of his career and what makes him an influential artist who should follow the avant-garde artist.

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