Fishing at the western border of the Ausable River

The western branch of Ausable is set up under the mountains that will have any fishermen who will look for a good deal of time. It may not be enchanting in the same way that Rockies are in Colorado, or Tetons in Wyoming, or Bitterroots in Montana, but have a beauty of beauty that attracts one. I would fly to the West Branch of the Ausable River for some of the blamed rivers of the West in the same way.

The western branch has no ridiculous trout numbers per mile, as well as some of the western streams and rivers. As for that, there are no big fish. But, squeeze the pocket water of the catching river and drop it with the dry fly Ausable Wulff, when the brown rose, and I'm defying you to get out with everything except respect for this flow.

In part, I can not avoid thinking of some of the pioneers of modern flies that have made a part of the Western branch of their fly fishing. Perhaps most of them were Ray Bergman, the author of the Musical Classics "Trout". In fact, he wrote more about his experience in the Eastern branch, but he surely dipped his line in the Western Branch. Recently, after a long illness, a flying fisherman at least known regional, died Fran Betters. Fran is responsible for many flies used today on the river as well as for the techniques used.

If you are planning a trip, there are several things you will want to know. First, this current is highly dependent on water temperatures. Usually this is in the summer when fishing is not worth the effort. Furthermore, at these high temperatures, many fish caught and released are too stressed to survive. It is widely accepted that the best season for hunting the river is between the beginning of May and the end of June. Water temperatures are high enough for good fish activity, but are usually not too hot.

Second, in my opinion, the first stop when you arrive in the area (most of them start their journey to Wilmington, New York) should be in one of a few pretty good stores. On our first trip to the area, we made a mistake fishing a few days before visiting one of the stores. We did it. However, after some time in one of these stores, and with a very reasonable cost for flies and advice that went with them (below $ 50), we were great. The guys who advised us were kind and did not try to force us to spend excess on the goods from their shop. Now we were in several stores and each was of great help.

So, if your thought came to your mind to head toward this beautiful brook, we would warmly support this idea. The western branch of Ausable did not force us to develop an amnesia with regard to the Big Hole River in Montana or Yampa in Colorado, but we will surely return.

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