Halle Berry in Miss World 1986 – An Unknown Story!


In the early 2000s, Halle Berry set the precedent and made the history of Miss World when she became the first ex queen of beauty to win the Oscars. Since 1995, Berry, who won the Miss USA World 1986, had a strong impact on beauty competitors as well as on black performers on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition to being one of the great actresses of the 21st century, Berry will remain remembered as one of the most beautiful black representatives in Miss World's history, with Aretha Rocke (Trinidad and Tobago Delegate 1982) and Jennifer Hosten (Miss World, 1970). as well as Kayong "Benita" Mureka (Zaire's Candidate 1985) and Veronique Caloc (Miss France 1998). In 1998, the Miss USA organization awarded Halle Berry "Distinguished Achievement Award"; was awarded to the former beauty queen, which is distinguished by performance and influence in America.

Miss United States

Halle Berry first attracted attention in early 1986, when she reached Miss USA Universe – one of the best prizes in the world – in Miami, Florida. But before she could do this this year, she won two awards for the beauty award: Miss Teen All American Pageant 1985 and then Miss Ohio USA. In Miami, the former host of Miss Universe Pageant, young Berry, who served as its manager, finished second, ahead of the 49 most beautiful and most talented candidates in America. Each delegate is rated in three categories: swimsuit, evening dress and interview. The judges were Rene Enriquez (actor born in Nicaragua), Michael Young (performer), Kimberly Tomes (Miss Texas and Miss USA Universe 1977), Dave Robinson (singer), Waymon Tisdale (former basketball player), Mai Shanley (Miss New Mexico) and Miss USA 1984), John Callahan (actor), Maria Remenyi (Miss California and Miss USA 1966), Christopher Hewett (actor), Miriam Stevenson (Miss South Carolina and Miss Universe 1954), Carol Connors (singer) and John Bolger actor).



1-Texas 9.076 points

2-Halle Berry (Ohio) 8,640

3-Mississippi 8.530

4-Illinois 8,493

5-South Carolina 8,443

6-Georgia 8,440

7-California 8,436

8-North Carolina 8,426

9-Oklahoma 8.356

10-Wyoming 8.301

Results: Second round

Interview ……………… Swimsuit …………….. Evening dress

1.Ohio 9.230 ……………….. 1.Texas 9.610 ………… 1.Tekas 9.510

2.Mississippi 9.215 ………. 2.Ohio 9.240 …………… 2.Ohio 9.360

3.Texas 9.100 ………………. 3.Califor. 8.970 ……… 3.Califor. 9.177

4.Georgia 8.780 ……………. 4.Georgia 8.910 …….. 4.Govor. 8.760

5.SCarolina 8.744 …………. 5.SC 8.870 ………………. 5.NC 8.820

6. Illinois 8.588 ………………. 6.NC 8.770 ………………. 6.SC 8.760

7.Oklahoma 8.480 …………. 7.Okla. 8.730 ………….. 7.Miss. 8.660

8.Califor. 8.266 ………….. 8. Illinois 8.580 …………. 8.Illinois 8.610

9.NC 8.280 …………………… 9.Mississippi 8.570 …… 9.Okla. 8.490

10.Wyoming 7.890 ……… 10.Wyo. 8.370 …………. 10.Wyo. 8.190


1.Texas 9.406

2. Halle Berry, Miss Ohio 9.226

3.Georgia 8.853

4.Mississippi 8.815

5.California 8.804

6. South Carolina 8.791

7. North Carolina 8.597

8.Illinois 8.593

9.Oklahoma 8.567

10.Wyoming 8.150

Final results:

Miss USA Universe 1986: Christy Fichtner (Dallas, TX)

First place: Halle Berry (Ohio)

Second place: Tammi Tesh (Georgia)

Third place: Cindy Williams (Mississippi)

Fourth second-ranked: Kelly Parsons (California)

Special awards

Miss Photogenic: Beth King (Miss Wyoming)

Miss Congeniality: Lisa Summerour-Perry (Miss New Jersey)

Due to his exceptional performance, Berry competed in Miss World 1986 in England. She was nominated for US delegates to replace Brenda Denton, Miss New Mexico and Miss USA World, which took third place in Britain in late 1985. Berry's appearance at 35. Miss America comes as a little surprise for people who followed the Americans. конкурс; a result that seemed almost impossible several decades earlier. In the 1970s and early 1980s, three black beauty organizations had black queens, but the Miss USA organization did not succeed until 1990, when the statue of Carole Gist, standing at 1.82m, won the national trophy.

Sixteen years before the day before Miss USA 1986. Jennifer Hosten, a native of Grenada – an English-speaking island in the Caribbean Sea – became the first black participant to be crowned Miss World. But she was not the only one. At the end of the 1970s, Gina Ann Casandra Swaisson of Bermuda, another "Caribbean queen", won a global award in the UK. Two years ago, July 26, 1977, Janelle Commissiong, Miss Trinidad Tobago – according to the New York Times "Black Bomb" – became the first black winner in the 26-year history of Miss Universe. Then, in 1984, Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America in Atlantic City, but her reign was overdue and replaced by Suzette Charles, another black beauty.

Halle Berry in Miss World 1986!

The final ceremony on November 13, 1986 was held at Royal Albert Hall in London, in front of an audience of 8,000 spectators. About 77 countries and addictions participated in this competition, including Gambia, Tonga and Man Island. In November 1986, Berry broke the precedent by participating in the global competition, where she finished among the top six. It was the first time in Miss World's history that America sent a black participant to London, the home of the World Organization.

There were interesting anecdotes: Miss Bolivia, Claudia Arevalo Ayala, was a member of one of the most important Bolivian volleyball clubs; Miss Ecuador was an English language teacher and model in her homeland; and Gibraltar, a small British dependence in Europe, has become the smallest territory on the planet to send representatives to London. Interestingly, Maria Juarist Mateo Begoña, Miss Venezuela, had the most expensive evening dress at this event. The value is not less than US $ 16,000! On the other hand, Poland sent delegates to a global competition – to a country where communist regimes traditionally banned beauty competitions. In the meantime, Sri Lanka, a country in crisis for years, also participated. There were 17 black entries from Africa, Europe and America. It was the first time that France sent a black delegate to the Miss World election.

However, the British election should not be left without mentioning Halle Berry. She was also the first black woman from an industrialized nation to win the Miss World Miss World. Ohio's Berry became the 36th American delegate who competed in Miss World, a competition in which the US did not have great performance. In 1972, Lynda Carter – a famous entertainer of the late 70s and early 80s – was a semi-finalist. On November 23, 1973, Miss USA, Marjorie Wallace, defeated Miss Philippines, Evangeline Pascual, and became Miss World. In the mid-'70s, countries suffered a serious slowdown when Annelise Ilschenko and Kimberly Marre Foley failed to enter the semifinals. Then, in the coming years, America could not win the title.

From the beginning of the global event, Halle Berry was considered the leading international title candidate, along with Linda Marie McManus of New Zealand, Giselle Jeanne-Marie Laronde of Trinidad and Tobago, Maria Juarist Begoña of Venezuela, Alison Louise Slack from the United Kingdom, Roberta Pereira of Brazil and Margot Montt from Chile.

Two and a half weeks before the global competition, Berry and the other 76 recordings made a photographic footage in Macau, the former Portuguese colony in Asia. On her arrival in Macao, she was greeted by a crowd of about 200 cheerleaders who greeted the traditional blessing: "Ni hao" (healthy in Chinese).

In the first round, Miss USA World 1986 finished third in a row after Venezuela Maria Juarist Mateo Begoña and Linda Marie McManus from New Zealand. Berry won 42 points for 46 Miss Venezuela and 44 for Miss New Zealand. The South American Delegate, the main rival of Berry, has been well prepared for a year by Osmel Souse, the world's most successful director of beauty in the second half of the 20th century.

In the second round, Halle Berry had 27 points in a bathing suit.


1-Miss Ireland 39 points

2-Miss Trinidad & Tobago 34 points

3-Miss Austria 33 points

4-Miss Venezuela 30 points

5-Great Britain 30 points

6-Miss Denmark 29 points

7. Miss New Zealand points

8-Miss USA Halle Berry: 27 points

9-Miss Ecuador 27 points

10-Miss Panama 22 points

11-Miss Yugoslavia (today's Serbia) 21 points

12-Miss Philippines 20 points

13- Miss Costa Rica 20 points

14-Miss Colombia 20 points

15-Miss Swaziland 20 points

Final results:

Miss World 1986: Giselle Laronde (Trinidad and Tobago)

First holder: Pia Rosenberg Larsen (Denmark)

Second place: Chantal Schreiber (Austria)


Miss New Zealand

Miss Venezuela

Miss USA

Miss Ecuador

Special awards:

Miss Photogenic: Rosemary Elizabeth Thompson (Ireland)

Miss Personality: Dominique Martinez (Gibraltar)

Continental Queens

Miss Africa: Illana Faye Lapidos (Miss Swaziland)

Miss Asia: Sherry Rose Byrne (Miss Philippines)

Miss Europe: Pia Rosenberg Larsen (Denmark)

Miss Americas: Giselle Laronde (Trinidad and Tobago)

Miss Oceania: Lynda Marie McManus (New Zealand)


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