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There are many hubbubs around APUs (auxiliary power units or generators) these days. Yes, the federal government allows up to 400 pounds for trucks with an APU or any device used to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It is part of an empty-walk strategy – to encourage trucks and transport companies to install APUs. But that does not mean you can always get it.

The text of the law says that each vehicle with the APU "can be allowed up to an additional 400 lbs total in gross, axle, tandem or bridged weight limit" – the generator installed on the tractor would not allow bridging the legal deviation.

The problem is that, although the federal government allows increasing weight, states do not have to allow this. This means that in one country it may be allowed to run up to 80,400 pounds. but in the following condition, you can be limited to 80,000 pounds. despite the decision of the federal government. Many countries already have weight tolerances above 400 kg of weight gain, so the decision does not really affect the execution procedures.

It's great in theory, but in practice it's pretty worthless.

We have come to this conclusion that many officers are not aware of federal decisions, so that although state legislation may have adopted a 400-pound supplement, law enforcement officials may not be familiar with it. All the following information is subject to change and, as always, the right hand may not know what the left hand is doing. Be ready to show as many documentation as possible whenever you come to the blockade!

Below is a list of conditions and the status of their exemption of 400 lb. We are directly contact civil servants – none of this is information from the other hand. All information can be changed.

Countries that have accepted the allowed weight of 400 lb (officials at the measurement stations may not be aware):


Arkansas will allow an additional 400 lbs on the axis to calculate the APU but will not allow more than 80,000 pounds for gross weight.






Michigan does NOT allow 400 pounds for APU. The problem you can come up with is that no one working with stations knows about a federal decision and that the Michigan Truck Safety Center was under the impression that Michigan did not pass judgment but could not say for sure. According to Lieutenant Dave Ford, Michigan really respects the decision of 400 pounds. Drivers must have the weight of the APU documented by the manufacturer and have proof that the documented APU is installed on that unit (as opposed to another APU).

North Dakota


The Oregon Senate 223 officially allows trucks with APU (auxiliary propulsion units) an additional 400 lbs in their gross weight limit. Oregon adheres to federal decisions and requires written confirmation of the severity of the APU. The Oregon motor vehicle enforcement officials approved a 400 pound exemption from February 2006. The APU must be in working condition.


The exemption of 400 lb is allowed only on interstate highways. Drivers on national routes are subject to Virginia's standard gross and axle weight.


Countries that have not adopted a weight loss of 400 lb and:

* have weight tolerances (for variation of the scale)

* Have low fees and will not relieve you of overweight of 400 lbs

* and countries whose officers are unlikely to give you a ticket unless you provoke them – the officials' discretion is a factor (officers in many of these countries did not know about the £ 400 exemption but said they were 400 lb too low for them I'm dying):


Greenwich officers did not know about the federal decision, but they said that the chances of they writing a quotation for such a small amount are unlikely. That limit I 95 is limited to 80,000 pounds regardless of the driver's license, so the limit is 80,000 pounds. 80.001 lbs may result in a ticket, but it is not likely until the truck reaches 81,000 pounds, depending on the discretion of the officer. The official word from the headquarters for carrying out commercial vehicles is that Connecticut did not accept the 400 pound exemption.






It completely depends on the discretion of the officers – you probably will not get a ticket of 400 pounds.



New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

The officers in North Carolina, whom we named, did not know about the Federal 400 pounds, but they said they had a tolerance of £ 500 that they would allow before they started to write cards.

South Dakota

Police officers would not reveal their compensation for tolerance, but they say their tolerance is greater than 400 kg, so although the legitimacy may not yet have been adopted by the federal standard, their current standards allow for increased weight.


Police officers at the Henfield POE say they will allow up to £ 500 for the APU. Officials in other POs were not sure about the law.

West Virginia


Police in Cheyenne and 25 nb vases say they will allow up to 500 lbs without a ticket.

Countries that do not allow 400 pounds for the APU (based on our inquiries – subject to change):

Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey

There are several countries missing in this list. We still get in touch with countries from which we did not receive an answer and we will provide updated information when they become available! Feel free to contact us with your contributions and experiences.

To get a 400 lb license, you must be able to provide:

* Certified weight of the APU in written form (if your APU only weighs 380 kg, only 380 lbs is allowed)

* verified proof (or be able to prove) that APU is functional (works)

You will also want to bring a copy of the Federal Law with you. You can find it in the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations [http://www.gpoaccess.gov/ECFR/] in Title 23 (Highways), Part 658.17 (you will find it in section n).


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