Buy Gold Bullion With Bitcoin

Buying gold bullion with bitcoin is easier than you think. I discovered a specific way to use my bitcoin to buy gold bullion every month with automation. The best part is that the bitcoin I use to buy gold, doesn’t cost me anything. Actually, the gold I bought was technically free.

I don’t make assumptions or try to convince anyone to run and spend all their earnings on useless promises. The method I use to gather gold bullion is a fact and I use this method every day, which I will share with you in this article.

The following steps are involved in order for it to be successful

  • Start mining bitcoin

  • Link your online wallet with visa card

  • Save bitcoin and buy gold bullion

  • Start networking and refer people your way

  • Earn affiliate commissions

Start mining bitcoin

If you’re not familiar with bitcoin, do yourself a favor and start researching this digital currency used around the world as we speak. It is rapidly changing the way we live and will continue to do so. I researched the bitcoin market and discovered a way to mine bitcoin online and get paid every day, without having to worry about any hardware maintenance, electricity costs or drastic reduction in your income. There are many disadvantages to owning bitcoin hardware, due to the high cost of electricity to run the equipment.

So, what you need to do as a first step, get a contract with a bitcoin mining company that is trusted and actually exists. There are many Ponzi schemes that you need to be alert to constantly.

Link your online wallet with visa card

If you’ve already found a reputable company, start mining bitcoin and send it to your online wallet to store as much bitcoin as you can in a short period of time. Find a bitcoin wallet company that offers their clients a visa card that can be linked to their wallet.

Save bitcoin and buy gold bullion

This card can be used to shop online, draw bank money or make a simple payment such as buying groceries. All transactions are purely bitcoin that you spend and none of it is from your actual bank account. If you already have the visa card you can buy gold bullion online.

The next step is to find a company that sells gold bullion online and you can pay for it with your credit card. Use the visa card I mentioned earlier in this article and buy gold bullion. Test the system first and make sure the gold you buy is 24 carat gold. I would recommend that you buy your gold bullion in 5 gram pieces because it is easier to use when needed.

Start networking and refer people your way

There are many ways to get a good income and one of them is to use the power of networking. If you were able to hold your piece of gold bullion in your hand by buying it with bitcoin, people would want to know how you did it. Explain to them your strategy and they will follow.

Earn affiliate commissions

If you choose companies within the bitcoin and gold bullion market that offer their clients an affiliate commission, you will get a huge passive income from your networking efforts. These are just a few of my methods I use to build an online business that I know will last for years to come.