Dinosaur: Meet the Ankylosaurus

A well-known armor dinosaur, Ankylosaurus was once a victim of misidentification. Although today's picture of this exceptional dune is unmistakable, Ankly, as we will now talk about them, is presented in a very different form. The American Museum of Historian History, Barnum Brown, thought that Ankly was a kind of Stegosaurus and made a skeleton along with high arch arches and circular armor patterns. As we know today, it was very wrong, because Ankly did not look like a reconstruction.

Ankly lived in a late chalk, which was about 70 million to 65 million years old. Fossil remains were found in Montana, Wyoming and Alberta. Unfortunately, the ankle bones are fairly rare and only three good quality samples were found. Experts speculated that this was because Ankly probably lived on a higher ground, not just near the delta of the river where most of the fossils were located. The three full skeletons found were probably either washed downstream or may have been older animals who lost their way.

An herb that would eat huge amounts, Ankly would have reached a length of over 25 feet as a fully grown adult. With a bulky material, but without much height, one could imagine that this dino was a bread for the fight, because Ankly was a heavily armored creature that could have caused serious damage if necessary. The armor is made of bone parts on the outside of the skin. In fact, their armor was so heavy that even their eyelids had protective plates.

The most impressive feature of the Ankylosaurus was its tail, because Ankly had shielded plates that descended down the spine and on the tail. If the plates do not act as sufficient protection, the vertebrae at the rear third of the tail can be folded, turning it into a solid handle which in the end had several plates that act as a club. These boards are connected in one unit with two panels on both sides. That's right, as long as Ankly was protected from predators, but also well-equipped weapons that could cause great damage.

Ankylosaurus is another fantastic example of a unique dinosaur that wandered this planet long before humanity. They may not stand out in the imagination of humans as much as Tyrannosaurus Rex or sympathetic Triceratops, but it can not be denied that Ankylosaurus was truly an unmistakable dinosaur.

Book reviews: Prisoner of Hope

In September 1940, Jesse L. Miller, a twenty-year-old from Casper, Wyoming, entered the US Air Corps' Corps to continue his chosen photography. In the next five years, he experienced some of the most brutal treatments of modern warfare. His really exciting story. Miller's book presents his experiences from the Second World War, including a sudden attack on the Clark Field in the Philippines, the Battle of Bataan, the Bataan's Death Marsh, the O'Connell Camp in the prison, the Cabanatuan Prison Camp no. hellish ships and his slavery in Japan; but she also presents his sermons in which he spoke of those terrible closing experiences. Through all pain and suffering, Miller's faith became stronger and in some cases he hoped to be with Him, his Lord, before the day was over. Miller felt that he had spared his life to bring others to the words of Christ.

Of all men, both Philippine and American, who surrendered to Bataan, 65% did not survive the brutal closure of Japanese imperial powers. Unlike my uncle Charles Gregory, a member of the 20th Squadron Jesse Miller, the 20th search group, the US Air Force Corps, Miller survived along with Charles's other friends, Ernest Loy, Nelson Quast and Winifred Agnes. Other friends of Charles Gregory and Jesse Miller also survived, including Jack Elkins, Ben Steele, Bob Mailheau and Sydney Stewart. These air corps were only 35% of the survivors. I believe they were lucky to share these experiences with others. Some of them are written or written in several books, including, Give us this day, Tears in the dark, Solving, and Captured Honor.

The story of this author is remarkable and exciting. His strong faith in Christ is extremely wonderful. Miller suffered from beating, starvation, dysentery, beriberium, malaria, slavery and humiliation, but in this he became stronger and always realized that Christ suffered much worse than him.

After Miller's release and repatriation to the United States, the author returned to the Philippines to preach the gospel. He is a truly heroic, selfless believer. In addition, there are a number of first hand works in this book, Ben Steele, one of Miller's surviving colleagues. I strongly recommend this book because it can be an anchor in a storm, especially storms, temptations and troubles experienced in today's society! This book resembles the words of Romans 5: 3-4 … but we also rejoice in our troubles, knowing that trouble brings perseverance; and persistence, proven character and proven character, hope … The prisoner of hope is an inspiring reading.

Rodeo History

Rodeo can be a very exciting event for a family or group of people to go and watch. It reflects the imagination and nostalgia of the cowboy era in American history and helps people to reconnect with the past. The history of the rodeo is interesting and filled with small competitions that in different ways united cowboy crews.

The beginning of these competitions began in 1700 with the Spaniards and their rancher arms known as vaqueros. These ranchers were widespread around what is now, the US Southwest, when Spain owned the country. There were several events in which ranchers' hands could compete. Many of these events are still in competition today, including robberies of various animals on farms, riding horses and bulls, rowing, teaming and bronze riding. Early rodei also had events such as horse breaking, which could become very dangerous if not careful, breeding, which turned into more competition, how cowboy methods became more popular, and branding animals. In 1800, cattle were a major part of the cowboy life, with trails such as Chism, Goodnight-Loving, and Santa Fe were all ways to bring cattle from the southeastern parts of the United States to the eastern parts of the United States of America. At the end of these trails, cowboys who had to crash the stress of driving often held contests between crews to see who was the best. This will ultimately become a form of entertainment for people from border towns, such as Prescott, Arizona or Cheyenne, Wyoming. They used many of the above mentioned events, which led to the birth of today's rodeo.

Modern rodeo are governed by the rules and regulations prescribed by the IGRA. His policy can be found online and covers all aspects of the birth of life from the demands of the association to professional behavior in the arena and elsewhere where the rodeo is held. Many of these rules regulate the way animals are valued, due to various animal rights groups and their claims that animals are tortured. One of the main concerns in animals is that the roots of the animals are so received by animals. This is because animals are made to wear a side strap that connects testicles. This helps keep the testicles in place and give them little energy to relax. The 8-second rule was established for the safety of animals, mainly because the animal is dying and the adrenaline stops flowing. It also helps keep the animal wild and unbroken, so it can behave in other rodeos.

Cow safety is almost secondary to animal safety. Terrible injuries and death occur every year from being hit or thrown into a fence that separates the crowd from the arena. If this is a sport for you, make sure that you have the appropriate training and some kind of protection for the area of ​​the upper chest and abdomen. This is the place where the most hurt.

The bear is there!

"I do not see a bear," said a man with an Irish accent. He and his friends stared and pointed at something in the large plain, north of Lake Jackson, while I scanned the line of trees east of the magnificent set of Teton Mountains with its binoculars. Hundreds of people stand with me and my wife on the veranda's veranda at Jackson Lake Lodge in Wyoming. The great plain that was before us was the size of the county in my home state of South Carolina. It had grass and bushes up to six feet tall, several trees and several streams.

Bison, Los, Reindeer, Los and other wildlife of Grand Teton National Park, including both types of bears (Black and Grizzly) can be seen on the plain. The best time to see them was in the twilight and the dark, with the exception that bull bulls were in daylight, jogging for female loses in order to reach them to bind them and impregnate them. My wife and I ate an early breakfast so we could stand there in the cool, fresh air of the morning dusk. We saw the poor, some otters and eagles. He was a big hunter about half a mile in front of us, Iodine. But, we wanted to see bears, and sometimes a wolf or a mountain lion.

"I tell you, the bear is there!" the Irish friend of the first Irish stressed. I looked left. There were a dozen people from me. I saw that man who was in front of me about 300 meters. I thought it was crazy! Something big like a bear can not be so close to hundreds of people, and it's not clear and visible to everyone.

Unfortunately, my wife, I left my horse on the edge to get to know the Irish. I introduced myself, told people that I heard their discussion and I was willing to become a believer. The men were patriarchs of two great Irish families, and they willingly accepted me and my brigands to solve this bear question which only one of them could see. That one man lined me to put his eyes with a binoculars to a piece of gray with a little reddish-brown blend, placed between the grass and the bushes. After two full minutes, I clearly told him, "I do not see the bear."

"Good," said the Irish friend. All Irish families mocked and laughed. This poor man, about my father's age, needed somebody to support him. Clearly, it was my job, and I failed him. He stood next to me with his head down. "Well," I said, "just because I do not see a bear, that does not mean that the bear is not there.

Irk looked straight at me and said, "I saw him move." The truth was in the eyes of this man. At that moment I joined his quest to prove to his family and to all of them that he really saw the bear. It took me forty minutes to do it. My wife was skeptical and upset about his family, but I talked about the porch in order to gain a better viewing angle. Finally, the grizzly bear raised his head! The Irish people and their families saw it! My wife saw this, like sixty other people. The bear was lying in ambush in order to get a chance to joke! We all go great photos. I got a glimpse that I will never forget, from a grateful and proud Irishman.

Farmers between the weather rock and the hard place for diesel fuel

American farmers in the Middle West have entered cucumbers, none of which is their fault. What is this time? Farmers in America or at least a family farmer is a dying species and it's been almost 80 years old now. This is deteriorating not only with family farms, but also with corporate farms, which affects everything from potato to corn for ethanol to food for livestock and harvest.

You see that the summer heat was significant, and the farmers of Central Valley, Montana and Rancers from Wyoming, as well as Nebraska, Kansas and Dakota, wheat farmers watched crops melt and some burn out due to fire. The worst of all these thermal waves and the lack of water and dried soil are now compared to the 1930s dust dump ever read; Grape grapes?

In order to reduce harvest and transport due to the high cost of diesel fuel for agricultural equipment and trucks, is a tribute to profit margins? How serious is all this? For example, food aid in Africa is now rationalized less than half. Yes, the problems are felt halfway around the world.

Even worse than the agricultural almanac, which is exactly 80% of the time predicts it will be a separate year of the Middle Western Sues. It's not good considering the current situation. Pray for the rain to say some farmers, but is it enough to tell others? Consider this all in 2006.

Papo Young Triceratops Dinosaur Model Reviewed by

Papo Baby Triceratops Dinosaur Model Reviewed by

Papo, a French model and figure maker, presented two models of baby dinosaurs in their replica range a few years ago. Additionally, this "young" company has just added the Triceratops baby model to its portfolio of dinosaur models and is very sweet.

Fossils Triceratops are the most common dinosaur fossils found in the famous Hell Creek formation in the western United States. This gorgeous rock can be found in Montana, Wyoming and North / South Dakota. Almost forty percent of all fossil dinosaurs found to date are attributed to the genus Triceratops, but Triceratops baby fossils are extremely rare.

Probably will eat from the Predator

Every young dinosaur who was extinct in late chores would seem to be eating a Theropod dinosaur sweeper quickly. Because bone juveniles are much smaller than bones of adults, they are less likely to survive the fossilization process. However, in the last few years, a large number of fossils of other species of horned dinosaurs have been found (Canada and USA), and this Papo young Triceratops model is based on this fossil material.

Beautifully painted baby Triceratops

The model measures a length of ten centimeters in length, and the head is about six centimeters high, a beautifully colored dinosaur model. The design team in Papu gave his baby Triceratops two small horns and a tiny nose horn. Scientists are aware that these horned dinosaurs are larger larger horns while they are old. The head protector has small protuberances along the edges and is painted in sandy color, with the same tone as the underside of the dinosaur replica. Details on the skin are very clever. The fossilized skin of the adult triceratops was discovered, and the makers in the Papo model had to use this fossil evidence as the basis for the skin pattern on their baby dinosaur replica. The mouths are open and a small, pink tongue-shaped tongue can be made in the jaw.

Companion for Papo Adult Triceratops

Although it is not possible to give the size scale for this model, it is worth noting that this figure works well with the adult Triceratops model that was added to the Papo model a few years ago.

Count your fingers

There is an anatomical error that we saw on the model. Triceratops had five digits on the front legs and four fingers on the hind legs. Unfortunately, this dinosaur model has only four digits on each front leg. This is a common mistake when it comes to figs and dinosaur replicas.

Excellent model Papo dinosaurs

Aside from this little grip, this is a great model of the Papo Dinosaur that will delight the collectors and young dinosaur fans. It is recommended and we hope that this French manufacturer in the future will consider introducing more models of dinosaurs into its diagram and replica.

Facts and information you should know about grizzly bears

Grizzly bears are sub-species of brown bears that live in North America. They are most commonly found in Canada and the United States, including Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, and Alaska. They usually like to stay alone, although this is not always the case. The exception is when a mother's bear has to feed its cubs until it grows enough to trigger its families. During the summer, they walk in a group in a fishing area to catch salmon.

Most of them are covered with brown hair with gray or white tops. Adult male grizzly can grow up to eight meters and weigh up to 800 kg. On the contrary, females can weigh about 350 lbs. Despite their large physical structure, they can run up to 30 mph. An interesting fact about them is that they stand in order to get a better view of their surroundings.

They have strong shoulders and long claws, which are useful for digging the roots. They also use their long claws to build their lakes during the winter. They are not like polar bears, and they are omnivorous. This means that they eat both flesh and plants. They love eating meat from other animals like rodents and losers. In addition, nuts, fruits and berries are some of the other foods that eat to satisfy their hunger. They are able to eat about 90 kg. food per day.

In order to store energy during winter, fat food is needed. When the climate cools, most of them create a lair and begin to sleep in a few weeks, which is known as hibernation. When they sleep, the heart rate decreases to eight beats per minute from an average of 40 beats per minute. Like polar bears, female grizzies also give birth to twins during the winter. Cows have no hair, and when they are born they are small like the size of a lace.

The cows stay in the den until they grow enough to live on their own. They grow faster as they drink their mother's milk that contains large amounts of fat and calories. The mammals of the grizzly are very protective nature and care very well about their young. They can even attack people if they think their cubs are threatened.

The number of grizzly bears gradually decreases for many reasons. With an increase in the number of people, people began to build buildings and roads for life and work. As a result, many bears have lost their habitats. Also, some of them were killed by wildlife officers when grizzly bears began to enter residential areas for food.

Be aware of the problem with LLC taxpayers

One of the most popular business entities these days is a limited liability company. If you intend to be the sole owner, you need to understand something about the tax issue.

A limited liability company has truly revolutionized the world of business. An incredible small company gives you protection from corporate responsibility without any formalities. From a tax perspective, it can even be taxed as a partnership with one big exception. In order to understand the exception, we have to retreat backwards.

To the surprise of many, a limited liability company is a relatively new form of business. Wyoming created a blue sky in 1979. While doctors said they were trying to be friendly in business, they were really trying to find a way to generate more tax revenues. What is the better way to create a new, flexible entity that is perfect for small businesses? Well, it's a bit slow to find something, but there was just one twitch.

From 1979 to the late 1980s, LLC was more or less unnoticed. Why? The IRS has been thinking about how it will be taxed for a long time. Will it be taxed as a corporation or as a partnership? Should a new section of the tax code be created for it? The IRS has never really come up with a good answer, so they allow people to choose whether they want to be taxed as a corpus or partnership. The most chosen partnership and everything was fine.

Countries are jealous of each other. When the IRS finally realized that it would tax a limited liability company, all other countries immediately began to pass laws that allowed LLC to form in their own countries. Most of the laws even allowed one person to form an entity. This has caused immediate problems when most of these sole LLC companies submitted tax returns for partnership.

Partnership is a business venture between two or more people. This is the basic legal axiom that existed forever. It is also embedded in the tax code. Probably you can guess the problem. In order for an LLC owner to submit taxes as a partnership. There is only one person!

After some discussion, the IRS made a decision. One owner of LLC is treated as a self-employed enterprise for tax purposes. You're probably wondering why you should worry? Well, the decision means that you have to pay 15.2% of the self-employment tax if you are the proud owner of an LLC owner. Most people do not know when they decide to form an entity and get a very nasty surprise when it's time to pay for Uncle Sam.

If you want to form only one LLC owner, there's nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you know that the self-employment tax will be paid and you have the money to pay for it.

Dinosaur: Meet Pachycephalosaurus

Pachycephalosaurus was a bone dinosaur that was a rare species. Some of you might know or recognize this dinosaur from Lost World, which was a continuation of the Jurassic Park. Pachycephalosaurus was a short dinosaur that the hunting group seized, although it was at the heart of the great battle that saw it as a major damage to their vehicles. Later in the film, and thanks to one of the main characters, we saw that he was able to get out unharmed.

Dad, as we will direct them, lived in a late chalk, about 68 million to 65 million years ago. The fossil remains were found in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and even to Alaska. Dad was a plant-eating and dug his vegetation underground.

The large skull that held the shape of the bone on its roof would have measured about 25 inches in length for an adult. There are different bonehead theories, some experts have assumed they would use this feature to deal with competing males in competitions that could have been territorial or during the mating season. Other experts have mitigated this idea because they feel that the bone is not strong enough for this type of use and will simply end up killing. The more likely explanation today is that they would have the other side of the dinosaur to refuse them.

So he had bone spikes at the end of the muzzle, which would add a layer of danger to appearance, but it is usually thought to be used as an advanced tool for digesting food and vegetation.

It would have grown to about 14 to 16 feet (not high) and we would only weigh between 900 pounds and 1,000 pounds, which was not so great in terms of dinosaurs. It is thought, due to the shape of the skull and the type of dinosaur Well, that they would have a very good sense of smell, which is again likely to be used in the search for food.

Well, they were probably a flock of creatures, running in big packs. By the way, running would be their only true form of defense because at that time there were some big predators who roamed the territory.

Pachycephalosaurus was another example of a remarkable dinosaur that survived in a very dangerous time. There are some great images of Pachycephalosaurus recreations that can be found in dinosaur books and on-line. The brand Papo created a brilliant model worth seeing.

Caps for medical incompetence: Different angles

Prizes for medical abuse were discussed for several years at the end, especially with regard to the limits for such awards. Several states in the United States have legal provisions that prohibit restrictions or restrictions on the award of benefits to patients suffering from damage caused by medical abuse. However, some states, especially in Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Missouri, Wyoming and Pennsylvania, are referring to such hats in an unfavorable light and in fact have provided legal injunctions for limiting damage as stated in their national constitutions and / or laws.

Damage covers from the point of view of the patient

For obvious reasons, most patients consider that the damage restriction is unfavorable, if not the direct deterioration of the already damaged damage from the mistakes of the doctors. This is especially true when medical abuse can result in serious life-threatening consequences for the patient, such as extreme physical suffering and associated financial burdens, or due to medical inducements and non-productivity as a result of loss of working ability.

The role of insurance service providers

On the other hand, an increase in limitation limits would be the reason for insurance companies that care for medical professionals to create awareness of a safe patient care, encouraging their clients to work with advanced patient safety and risk management. This, in turn, turns into better healthcare management for the benefit of patients and in fact guarantees that medical practitioners will always try to update their professional skills. This scenario is a situation where everyone gets where patients receive only compensation for any damage they may have suffered while doctors, on the other hand, tend to be always aware of the practice of a safe drug.

Doctors & # 39; Stance

The tendency of a doctor to practice defense medicine is one of the scenarios that can directly arise from removing the damage cap. As his name suggests, defense medicine is a scenario in which doctors order expensive medical tests and procedures in an attempt to prevent lawsuits for abuse.

The role of health and legal institutions

Healthcare institutions have a major impact on how patients, doctors and insurance companies look at the issue of restrictions on medical insecurity. For example, medical centers and hospitals can establish more efficient healthcare management and delivery systems in terms of advanced facilities, as well as policies and procedures supported by medical professionals and improving their skills and expertise. On the other hand, a special court system dealing with court disputes related to medical abuse would be very helpful in formulating legal policies that support positive ways to improve health care in terms of effective and prominent jury members, as well as a credible witness evaluation system.