Understanding the privacy of business ownership

Perhaps you want the privacy of your proprietary interest in your business. This can be for a number of different reasons, including avoiding ungrounded lawsuits. Maybe somebody you know in the property of a company sued last month and you believe that you can avoid the same fate if people can not find what you own. There are a number of services for incorporating the Internet that advertise certain privacy benefits, such as the protection of property, by organizing your business in accordance with the laws of a particular country. Nevada and Wyoming (and even New Mexico and several others) are usually countries that are sold as "shelters for privacy and property protection". These countries do not require disclosure of the identity of the shareholders of a corporation or members of LLC who manage managers in the necessary corporate filings (public records). Usually, this "privacy" of the state only requires that directors (sometimes only 1) and corporation officers, or LLC managers, be published on the Statute (or Statute) and all annual reports.

But there are many myths regarding privacy and property protection. Many new entrepreneurs lure themselves into believing what is often a fraudulent fraud. I will try to eliminate several of these myths. The conclusion is that privacy does not protect your property by itself, but is only useful. The only major benefit of protecting the privacy of the state is that it can help prevent non-serious litigation. Preventing Joe's average to find out which companies you can own by searching public records is a good thing. This can save many unfounded claims. If it takes more time for someone to understand who the owners are, this is obviously useful. The plaintiff will have to spend more money, and most of the lawsuits are a simple pure economy game. Therefore, privacy can sometimes be very expensive for potential prosecutors to find your property.

Guaranteed protection of property simply through the ownership of property is basically a myth. In particular, whether your business is always in accordance with the laws of Nevada or Wyoming, or use candidates or even shares on the provider, these are common questions. The short answer is that Nevada, Wyoming (and several other states) offer privacy protection, but it is not a guarantee that you will protect your property or avoid any kind of liability for your behavior.

Myth # 1: You can maintain full privacy by organizing in Nevada or Wyoming (or elsewhere)

The stated benefits of Nevada or Wyoming for privacy include:

  • Privacy by shareholders without requiring their names to become part of the public corporate records. Nevada or Wyoming do not require shareholders or LLC members to be disclosed in corporate filings, only directors, officers, and LLC managers must be posted – I will discuss this later in this article;
  • It allows the use of nominee shareholders, directors and employees of corporations and nominee members and managers of LLCs;
  • Nevada and Wyoming do not share their data with the Inland Revenue Service and is one of several states that do not have a tax break arrangement arrangement (33 countries have an "IRS Information Exchange Agreement"). But, just because Nevada does not share information with I.R.S. does not mean that your information will remain private. You will have to submit I.R.S. with the name and number of the social security of the person responsible for all tax related issues with the company in order to obtain EIN. Also, the company will be required to prepare a tax return (information reports for S-Corp and majority of LLCs), on which the names and social security numbers of the owner will be given. So, I.R.S. will end up with this information, regardless.

But you can lose this privacy in different ways. Business owners may be required to disclose their identity in the following cases: 1) registration for performing activities in their home country; 2) issuing shares; 3) obtaining the necessary business permits (required by the State of Nevada for most of the activities and charging an additional fee for obtaining); 4) opening a bank account; 5) you are an employee or sole trader in a corporation or LLC; or 6) the conclusion of other contracts or agreements where it is signed individually, such as the conclusion of loans. Nevada now also requires a company taxpayer identification number and a personal guarantee from you on a state business license. So, it may not make sense for an average business to be organized in Nevada or Wyoming exclusively to use privacy for these reasons.

Also, keep in mind, you may need to personally guarantee any debt in the name of your business and you will probably conclude contracts in the name of your business. This means giving your name and signatures on certain documents. You will also need to provide a specific person along with their social security number to the IRS as a taxable person responsible for receiving your FEIN for your business. These are all ways in which you can discover your identity. The average Internet business owner will manage his business and there is really no way to avoid these things.

Of course, if you do not take an active role in the business or sign such contracts or warranties, this concern may not apply. Also, using nominated (explained in more detail below) or even corporations on the shelf will generally allow you to avoid disclosing your identity in public (corporate) records. Some corporations on shelves can even be bought with established bank accounts, credit histories and tax returns submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

Myth # 2: Privacy protects your property

The privacy provided to those who organize in Nevada, Wyoming or any other country with similar privacy features will simply not protect your interest in a corporation or LLC from your lender. For example, in accordance with Nevada Civil Code NRS 21.080, all real and personal property of the judgment debtor (not otherwise exempted by law) is subject to enforcement, including "actions and interests in any corporation or company". If the creditor gets judgment against you, your interest in a non-volatile or wyoming corporation / LLC is the subject of an attachment in order to indebt. You can ignore the court order for testifying about your property (or refuse to answer questions after appearing) and face a prison sentence for not respecting the court or committing a perjury by lying about the extent of your property. Obviously, it's not an attractive choice and why the notion of privacy does not protect your property. Do not be fooled by sites that tell you differently.

Myth # 3: The use of nominated strategies for bullet proofing

Many online services cite the use of nominated as a method of impenetrable privacy and property protection. The Nevada and Wyoming law, for example, allows the use of designated directors and officers and managers of LLC and named shareholders and members. The theory is that you can use a third party to hide your identity from the owner and corporate officer or managers. Then, you can keep control of the entity using a proxy or other corporate control instrument or LLC over the named one. You should avoid using the candidate or at least understand that there are holes in this strategy.

While you will get a certain amount of privacy from appointing officers, shareholders, directors, etc. This privacy will be lost when a court order is submitted to the candidate and is asked to provide contact information for the company's owners. The candidate will then be legally obligated to provide this information and your privacy has disappeared. The Civil Procedure Act in Nevada clearly states that a failure to enforce a court order will be punished for contempt of court. The law does not leave room for discretion, unless the documents that are published are privileged. I think it would be hard to find candidates who will want to spend some time in jail for a small fee that you pay for services.

But some services there offer the use of a lawyer to act as an intermediary between you and the establishment service. This lawyer can then refer to the privilege of a lawyer and client, adding a privacy layer at any time when there is a question about your identity. Direct engagement with the incorporation service does not create such a privilege. However, in some cases, the court may order a lawyer to disclose your identity in case of fraud or criminal behavior. This practice is a measure of privacy.

Myth # 4: Using stock on a carrier provides property protection

There are many websites for the protection and incorporation of assets that state the use of shares in the issuer in the state of Nevada and elsewhere. The issuer's actions are now illegal under the laws of the state of Nevada since 2007. Nevertheless, the stockholder strategy does not prevent creditors from refunding their shares if a judgment is brought against you. There are too many holes in the use of shares on the provider as a way to maintain privacy and protect your assets. This "strategy" creates all kinds of false transfer issues, as well as possible revenue and / or tax limits. There is really no need to go into some other details except to say You should avoid it services / websites that advertise the use of shares on the donor as a means of protecting property. Also, for most small businesses, the most negative aspect of the issuer's shares is the S-choice's inability to limit the number and type of shareholders. Most countries do not allow us to mention shares on the dealer.

Actually understand privacy

If you feel strongly about privacy, at least on the surface, then you need to understand what that really means. In fact, privacy in fact lies in the fact that every State Brief for Submitting Annual Reports on Corporate Briefs is submitted. If you are really worried, you can use a state such as Nevada or Wyoming, which does not allow the disclosure of members to an LLC or Managed Managers, or an initial or annual corporate filing. Nevada's privacy protection protects members and shareholders from publishing in corporate filings, but this privacy does not apply to certain officers, directors, and, in the case of LLC, a manager. Nevada requires the founder or organizer to appoint by name of at least one initial director in a corporation article or, in the case of LLC, at least one member or manager in the organization's articles. In both cases, articles are a public record, and anyone can request copies by paying a small fee.

Nevada, like other states, requires that each corporation and LLC submit an "Annual List of Officers and Directors" every year. This requires the publication of full names at least of the officers and the manager of the corporation, as well as the director of the LLC. This information is then published on the State of the State of Nevada website, which is a publicly searchable database and is easy for anyone to discover who is operating a corporation or LLC. Most countries will allow you to appoint a director of your LLC and appoint directors of the corporation and only provide information about these persons on organizational documents.

But, depending on the state law, shareholders or LLC members are required to be listed on annual reports. This is where you can encounter a privacy issue if you are worried. Regardless of state laws, it is very difficult for a small current business to maintain the privacy of all owners. It can also be an administrative and financial burden for the establishment and maintenance of a corporation or LLC in another jurisdiction. The fees payable to the state and these types of candidates will be accumulated. But privacy is still a matter of avoiding frivolous lawsuits, as I mentioned. Just understand the limitations and myths.

States without income tax and low-income taxpayers

Real estate investment and property tax rates

In the United States, property tax is assessed by local governments at the municipal or county level. The assessment of property tax is based on two values ​​- the value of the land and the value of the building. Since property tax is calculated at the local level – and as changes occur often – it is difficult to determine the exact places where the property tax is the lowest. However, the following information should help you find areas with high prices and low property taxes.

Which countries have the lowest rates of property tax?

County tax rates often focus on one figure, and this number is used to compare property taxes between countries. Surprisingly, Wyoming has the lowest rates of property tax. Unfortunately, the value of real estate in Wyoming tend to be rather depressing, due to the low population inflow and lack of jobs. Also, Wyoming is not highly ranked when it comes to rates of appreciation for residential and commercial real estate. Just because the area has low property taxes does not mean that it will be the best investment area (or relocation in).

What to look for when investing

Look for an area that has a consistent real estate valuation rate combined with pretty low property taxes. Often, local tax rates on property are low, because the percentage of real estate in the area is low – so you need to be careful. Cities adjacent to universities and areas where businesses relocate are usually great places to buy real estate. Paying attention to population growth can help you to see real estate trends and make wise investments.

Medium-size cities with the lowest rate of property tax

According to data collected by the Financial Director's Office in Washington, the following cities have the lowest rates of property tax in 2006, based on an annual income of $ 75,000. Assuming you earn $ 75,000 a year, here are the amounts of property tax that you would pay in each city …

Birmingham AL – $ 988

Cheyenne WY – $ 1,108

Phoenix AZ – $ 1,248

Wichita KS – $ 1,309

Denver CO – $ 1,362

Charleston WV – $ 1,395

Oklahoma City OK – $ 1,538

Kansas City, MO – $ 1,595

Little Rock AR – $ 1,648

Louisville, KY – $ 1,713

Jacksonville FL – $ 1,744

Honolulu HI – $ 1,781

Billings MT – $ 1,864

Salt Lake City, UT – $ 1,904

Virginia Beach VA – $ 1,918

Jackson MS – $ 1,971

Charlotte, NC – $ 2,021

Boise, ID – $ 2,176

Columbia SC – $ 2,214

Las Vegas NV – $ 2,225

Sioux Falls SD – $ 2,228

New Orleans, LA – $ 2,231

Wilmington – $ 2,416

Memphis TN – $ 2,501

Albuquerque NM – $ 2,517

Houston TX – $ 2,861

The link between state income taxes and property tax rates

Countries that do not have income tax (see the list below) usually have high property tax rates in their respective counties (the state must get its income somewhere!). However, the compromise is that you will have a zero tax on all earned income. This can be a great advantage. Instead of paying the state 7 to 15 percent (or more) of income, you can keep your hard-earned money and return it to real estate or other investments. At the moment, there are nine states that do not tax income at the state level.

Countries without income tax




South Dakota




New Hampshire *

Tennessee *

* New Hampshire and Tennessee do not taxed earned income, but they tax capital gains (division and interest income).

How to find the best from both worlds: low property tax and income tax

If you are looking for the best of both worlds (low property tax and income tax), you may want to consider the following cities:

Sioux Falls, SD

Houston, TX

Jacksonville, Florida

Memphis, TN

Cheyenne, WY

Las Vegas, Nevada

You can also explore lesser-known cities in nine states that do not have a tax on income. Smaller cities generally offer the benefits of "quality of life", while increasing prices and growth from an average.


Now you know which states do not tax income and which areas have the lowest rates of property tax. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus on finding the best place for your next home or real estate investment.

Where is Neal Froneman Taking SXR Uranium One in the United States?

Where is the director of Neal Fronman, who runs SXR Uranium One in the United States? "I think our focus at this stage is primarily Wyoming, Utah and Arizona for the breach of the breach," Froneman said. "New Mexico is an area I do not know well, it's not an area that we could focus on." His focus will be Wyoming, for those companies that want to become candidates for downloading the SXR. "I'm very positive about Wyoming," he said. "I think it will become a significant Uranian province. I even included this point in my presentation.

Coming from Neal Fronman, it's pretty much a confirmation for Wyoming. His Dominion uranium project in South Africa may be one of the largest undeveloped deposits of uranium. It can produce around 2.6 million ounces of gold, as by-products. In a review of the Hargrave Hale uranium sector, released on April 20, 2006, SXR 163 million U3O8 code-compatible resources are said to be "roughly the size of the Cigar Lake". Historical estimates (which do not satisfy NI 43-101) reportedly reach up to 275 million pounds of equivalent U3O8 (220 million pounds of uranium oxide and 3.8 million ounces of gold).

We present the project Dominion as a comparison with what Froneman hopes to achieve at Green Mountain. While some predict that the SXR may have problems with Wyoming's features, Froneman takes it with grain of salt. "We are a company that is very proud of putting heavy targets on the table. When we said that we will produce in the first quarter of 2007 from Dominion, here in South Africa, the market was saying, Wow, this is really not possible. It really does.

There was some skepticism about the increase in production to 5 million pounds U3O8 per year in the United States, starting in 2009. "Maybe I was a bit misunderstood there," he admits. "We think we could begin to see some results in 2009. These are preliminary estimates. Let us finish the necessary technical works to confirm these goals and numbers."

By combining the expected uranium production from US operations with SXR's non-North American uranium, estimates show that the company could produce 10 million pounds of U3O8 in the early years of the next decade. Some have already started to call the SXR Uranium One the fifth-largest uranium producer. Is this premature? "One of our goals was to have a property base that has led us to become one of the five largest uranium producers," explained Froneman. "I think we have so far secured a property base that gives us a good opportunity for this title.

One of the fans, Sprott Asset Management Market Stratigent Kevin Bambrough, sent us an opinion on the company's proposed acquisitions, "We are watching the transactions very positively and we consider this additional evidence that we moved from the early stages of exploring this uranium bull market to the consolidation phase which will see revaluation and separation between those who have large potential resources and those who do not.

Has SXR achieved this consolidation at the top of this current stock market? Ultimately, Merrill Lynch Vicky Binns announced in a July 12 report that uranium prices would average 43 USD / pounds this year, about $ 3 / pound less than the current spot rate. And uranium would fall to $ 35 / pound by 2011. "No, I think we're in a long-term fight," Fronman challenged. "We do not pay the price related to the market. We all know that the market has made a very significant adjustment. I can honestly say that I believe we have bought good value." Froneman claimed Sweetwater Mill was sold to a liquid company in the United States to receive market capitalization between $ 400 million and $ 500 million. "I am very pleased with the transactions we have managed to secure," he explained.

"I believe the industry needs to be consolidated," Froneman said. "We have a duty to provide uranium for pure energy, the way in which this will happen is that we will have to do the right business. Again, he throws suggestions on several acquisitions, another one or two mergers.

But all this concluding work comes with a huge price. Together, we calculated the final cost for the SXR Uranium One to launch its new US acquired assets. We asked: Do you look at about $ 500 million for everything? Froneman replied: "Yes, everything is fine, but I want you to be sure to mention my qualification. Only based on preliminary information, we have only enough information at this stage for Sweetwater."

He asked a Toronto brokerage analyst to put a burning question in mind to every analyst, while Neal Froneman talked about his company's strategy, "How much should the drainage be expected?" Fronman suggested that his company had already received bids for financing debt and capital. An analyst pointed out that the SXR had $ 100 million. It can be a concern, but not yet. The company must continue with its due diligence before concluding a contract. But Fronman is optimistic, despite the scary price, "I think the value that will be generated from it will be much higher than that ($ 500 million in costs)." By the way, there was a certain irony as the American listened to Canadian analysts who questioned South African engineers about uranium holdings in Wyoming and Utah.

And if everything goes well, where will the company be until the moment of uranium production in the United States? We asked whether the SXR Uranium One would be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in a few years with a market capitalization of $ 3 billion. Immediately, he replied: "We actually see that much more than that. We think we can not reach NYSE, we could see the $ 2 billion market limit.

He told us it would be inevitable that his company had an American newspaper. "It will make it much easier for our US investors to invest in us," he explained. "I think it will clearly show that we want to be part of the United States not just because of our assets in the United States, but we must also be an American company."

Nevertheless, Neal Fronman remains modest and is considered happy: "What amazes me is that potential is not recognized as it should be. He put us through the post. I am very kind to the United States.

In February last year, we interviewed Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal who commented on uranium miners, "Bring us your projects." Almost anyone in South Africa listened. And soon these two gentlemen will probably handle it.

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10 best public land for Elk

Montana Beaverhead-Deer Lodge: The forest outside Dillon, which includes several mountain chains, offers numerous access points for hunters, while at the same time providing an arc of security cover. Fifty percent of the elk harvest comes from Region 3 in the southwestern part of the country.

Colorado White River: He is very fond of fishing, but he has a rich population of elk and good access. Some big bulls live in the wild ravine of this tract, but everything is in the air and here you can get plenty of snow.

Idaho St. Joe: This forest in the southern Panhandle region is among the best places in any country to reach the onion, while the neighboring National Forest Clearwater is equally good. You'll need either a GPS and a good map so you do not get lost in these deep forests, do not worry about unauthorized entry.

Wyoming Bridger-Teton: Near Jackson, the forest allows access to one of the most beautiful Alpine countries in the world. Offer abundant supply of elk.

Wyoming Shoshone: t Mountain bears provide classic game hunting. There are good populations of bulls in a large country along the northern jaw of the Shoshone River and the Sunlight pool.

Arizona Coconino: Pine Grove and Rattlesnake Quiet areas in 6A offer what are some of the biggest bulls on the planet. This is a walk on foot. It is not allowed to use motor vehicles.

Washington Wenaha – Tucannon Wilderness: Estimates of bull elves are finally rising in the famous Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington. Labels limit hunters to the spikes, but if you draw the desired tag of any bull, you will have the opportunity for a trophy on the way to smaller areas in this area of ​​the National Forest Umatilla.

Utah Ashley National Forest: The state is struggling with Arizona for the best hunting of public lands, and residents sometimes find a large stock of unbundled labels, including bulls permits. The area of ​​Uinta Mountain in this forest is an excellent choice among all areas of bulls

Oregon National Forest Siuslaw: Western Oregon. The units of Siuslaw and Alsea in the National Forest Siuslaw offer good opportunities for hunters who are willing to handle a lot of rain and do little work.

New Mexico National Forest Cibola, Santa Fé: Hunting in a small percentage, limited pulling is a rule in New Mexico, but big bulls are a reward. Zuñi Mountains and Mount Taylor Mountains in Cibola and in the Jemez area of ​​Santa Fe are easier to draw than the prestigious mark in the National Forest of Gila in the south.

Iron tiger – a triple gem

Tiger iron is almost exclusively evaluated as an ornamental gemstone. His rich and striking beauty creates three precious stones that nature has combined to create a tiger iron. Tiger's eye, hematite and jasper exist in layers to form this composite gemstone.

Ironstone (Fe) is rich and affordable.
Hematite is an iron that can be very glossy and highly polished for artistic and cultural purposes. It is usually gray, although surface oxidation sometimes gives a brown shade.

Jasper exists in various colors. It consists of mineral oxides that produce ribbons and color patterns.
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It is located in California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Washington. It is a petrified or silky mud that dropped into gas pockets in a melted lava. He became overheated, and then solidified by forming unusual bands that are typical of this stone.

Tiger Eye or tiger eye is natural asbestos. During volcanic events, the fibrous asbestos is replaced by iron-defective quark that is called limonite.
This is what creates a brilliant golden shining eye around the tiger that offers such elegant beauty in the precious stone of a tiger's eye. The most common is the golden brown tiger. However, there is also a blue version known as an eye or falcon, a red tiger eye and of course a tiger iron consisting of three crystals of precious stones combined into one.

The glamor of precious stones of tiger iron was created by the so-called chatoyancy.
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It's a French word that means "cat's eye". It is an optical reflection that gives the feeling of depth, shape and gloss between the fibrous layers of the crystal.

In order to appear a magic in precious stone, she must cut into the cabochon style. This requires the cutting of the stone so that the fibrous layers of the crystal are parallel with the base of polished precious stones. Many fine examples of this effect can be seen in an elegant ginger eye for jewels on tigereyejewels.com

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Apart from being elegant and beautiful, both ancient and modern people connect tigers iron with chakras. Many people consider the chakras metaphysical / biophysical energy of the human body. The chakra is perceived as the center of energy that receives, assimilates and expresses vitality. The chakra marks the wheel and points to the swirling sphere of bioenergetic activity that originates from the spinal cord nerve.
jet blue
This concept is expressed in yoga practice.

If you are studying the chakra, you will discover that the iron of the tiger is highly appreciated. It is believed that the hematite gives emotional clarity. It is thought that Jasper gives emotional stability. Tiger's eye enhances personal creative power.
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Those who try to harness the powers of the chakras will keep the gemstone of tiger iron in their hand and take a deep breath to become re-established, centered, balanced, calm and focused.

Creative beauty, cultural and biological presence of tiger eye / iron and other art objects from iron iron can certainly bring satisfaction, presence and satisfaction of the bearer.

The ubiquitous droughts in WY and MT

In some parts of Wyoming and Montana, drought is a major problem. Many Wyoming ringleaders are doing everything they can to fight the severe drought situation. Most cut their sized herds, and some are transported in water, where there is no water, and the rivers are dry.
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Of course, this does not help with the problems of supply and demand on the market, which means higher prices of beef. But with the herds that crashed the ranchers, they do not get any of this.

In Montana, the land is so dry in some places that the yield of crops is drastically reduced and they just do not get the rain this summer. Clouds pass and threaten to fall, but nothing happens. Humidity problems in the country are intense, and some farmers are skipping the next stage of planting until things get back to normal, but will it ever happen that some are now wondering? Both eastern Montana and Wyoming are in terrible conditions, say ranchers and agricultural officials.

When water from the water supply system dries along the Wyoming, Nebraska and Gillette, WY and west of Casper WY, some have to ask, is it more sustainable agricultural land? Many are compared with the Pure Dust of the 1930s; It's so bad. So, we may all consider this in 2006.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti, what's the matter? I called it Yeti

The story of Yeti, a true story

This story is a true overview of the events that happened around the reception of Yeti. I was about twelve centimeters from this incredible creature.

Yeti is Sasquatch or Big Foot. They live high in the mountains. I'm not sure whether I saw Yeti, Sasquatch or Big Foot. I call Yeti because we were high on the Rocky Mountains.

Our story begins in the state of Virginia on August 8, 2012. My wife Becky and I live in Virginia, very close to the National Park Shenandoah. It's a beautiful and beautiful area.

We live on the top of Blue Mountain, not far from Skyline Drive. Over a hundred kilometers, Skyline Drive is a highway built on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountain. There are many wild animals and magnificent beautiful views.

Becky and I saw every kind of animal, but nothing like we saw this fate of the night. This experience was invaluable and we will never forget. I'll tell you all about it.

We decided to fly and visit our grandchildren at Salt Lake City in Utah. We started a trip from Virginia to Utah by car. It took us three days driving around 8 hours a day. Every day we stayed at the motel and ate a lot of food.

Some countries are very boring to cross. Everything you see is the field after the field of corn, and some countries are miles after a mile of grass. But all countries have interesting and beautiful places.

Utah is a state of mountains, a canyon and a desert. It is extremely complex and diverse in many national parks. It is a great place to visit and explore with dramatic views and natural wonders.

We enjoyed a week with children and grandchildren. We planned a trip home, we decided to visit the Yellowstone National Park. So we left Utah on Sunday morning on August 19th and headed through Idaho to Yellowstone Park.

It was such a wonderful day and we traveled through the park for hours watching the sights. What a terrible place! It looks like you're on another planet.

Yellowstone is actually a gigantic volcano high in the mountains. Everywhere are geysers and weird sights. The whole city smells like sulfur and seems to explode at any time.

We went to Yellowstone on Sunday afternoon, although we could spend many days there. We walked past the forest that was burned by forest fire. It was a creepy look. Millions of lost black sticks point to the sky.

We drive downhill for a long, long time on the way to Cody, Wyoming. The code is called Bifalo Bill Cody, a well-known person from old border days. Cody was a born capital in the world and they had a rodeo while we pushed.

Then we should stop and get a motel room. It was such a beautiful day when we continued to drive. As we drove through North Wyoming, it started dark. Roads are very small in that part of the country and we lost after dark.

We were on the way to the east, so I thought we would always go on the Interstate 90 highway. We planned to get a motel room on that highway. We were actually heading south on a road marked in the east.

We woke up driving and driving through small towns in the darkness. There were very few mobile phone services, and we were just the only car on the road. Everything is closed and we are all alone in the middle of Wyoming.

We finally finished in Thermopolis. It is named because it is due to thermal springs or hot springs. Nothing is open shortly before midnight except McDonald's.

I saw an old lady sitting outside, enjoying her meal. I parked the car and approached her. She was very beautiful, so I asked her for directions to the Highway.

She said I missed a turn in the last city. She told me to go back and make the right turn Route 16. She also mentioned that there are many animals on that road. I thought it was weird, because it was midnight.

It was too late, but I was determined to get to Buffalo, which is on the Interstate 90. We knew little that we were heading for the Rockies! It was dark. We were tired and did not bother to look at our road atlas.

We're back to Worland, Wyoming and turn right for the 16th time. We started the road to the mountain around midnight. At that time I was driving for about twelve hours.

We were the only car on the road. There were very few road signs and no street lights. We ride upstairs, not knowing we were in the Bighorn National Forrest.

I drove slowly because I was afraid to go off the road. There were dangerous switches and switching places. I was careful and careful.

On the way to the mountain, Becky revealed all kinds of wildlife like deer and elk. I did not see them because I carefully paid attention to the road. I told Becky that if we cross over one of these cliffs, he will never find us. We did not have mobile telephony services.

Suddenly the paved road turned into dirt and pebbles. I did not know what was going on. There were no signs, no lights and no parking. It was terrible and slowly I drove.

It was really dark and the sky was filled with stars. We saw huge shooting stars and peaks of snow peaks. What a terrible sight he was, almost breathing.

We were on the top of the world on a dirty road. We were the only people out there. It was beautiful, terrible and terrible all at the same time.

The right creature appeared before my right light. I brought the brakes and probably traveled about five miles an hour. The creature was below five feet tall and standing upright. She had a very long, dirty white hair and what looked like a black mask around eye cancer.

Yeti made a wild pinball over the hood of a car. Dirty white hair flew everywhere! He descended to his feet on the driver's side. He looked directly at me through the driver's window about twelve centimeters.

I was completely mystified as a child with wide eyes! I was not afraid because it seemed to be playing with us. I could not believe what I saw.

I drove slowly and was lost in the darkness in the mirror. I looked at Becky and said, "OK, miss the animals, what was it in the world!" Becky looked shocked and murmured: "Uh … uh … and what about the porch?"

I said: "Five legs of porcupine with a raccoon mask? I do not think so! It was a jet! We just saw Jet !!!" We drove for a few minutes in silence, trying to understand what we just saw. I was stunned, embraced and glad that I would have a chance.

We slowly kept down the mountain and got a motel room in Buffalo, Wyoming. We did not say a word to anyone. I guess we can hardly believe what we just met.

So let me explain exactly what we saw. We saw a creature standing on two legs like a man. It was five feet tall or less and had huge hands and feet. Yeti was strong and smart.

She had a very long white hair everywhere except lips and hands. The hair was six to eight centimeters long, very wild and dirty. She had dark eyes, lips, nose and hands. The face was almost human. He did not have a whip like a bear. He did not have a monkey or a gorilla face.

I did not even see teeth at all. There were no songs or the like. The eyes had dark hair around them like a raccoon. She had a stupid look on her face, not a medium or a terrible thing.

I was fired from my sporting ability. He made a wild pinball over the hood and landed on his feet. I thought to myself, "This creature is not afraid of a bear or a wolf, it's smarter, stronger and faster."

That was not a threat to us. It seemed like I was fooling around or playing with us. I was almost tempted to stop the car and say goodbye.

These events took place on the 20th of August in the morning. We were on the right river between the top of Bighorn and the top Hazelton. We were on Route 16 in the east of Bighorn National Forrest.

Driving through the passage of the sky was so clear that you can see it forever. The universe is so huge and we live on this thin, tiniest planet called Earth. There are so many stars in the sky. Shooting stars is an incredible sight. What a wonderful and amazing world we live in.

Every day we go to work, sometimes we lack sights and experiences that could improve our lives. What's your life? My life is about the experiences and memories I have. If you want to have memories then you have to go out and do something.

This is my story … and I will keep it … because that's true.

What is the origin of a limited liability company? (The answer can only surprise you!)

LLC, or as an officially known limited liability company, is really quite new to the United States. In fact, in 1977, Wyoming became the first state to adopt a statute of a limited liability company. Some people think that the first might have been Nevada, LLC or Delaware, LLC. But they would be right. In this area we have the right We Wyoming to thank you for introducing the concept of a limited liability company in this country.

The term "import" in the preceding sentence raises the question. If this type of company is imported, where did it come from? The answer might surprise you. The term LLC was created in Germany in 1892. When this type of limited liability company was established in Germany, it is spreading across the globe through an interesting exceptional United States.

This does not mean that some states do not work on marriage between partnerships and corporations to allow some form of limited liability. Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, and Ohio experimented in that respect. However, it was Wyoming that in 1977 it became the first US state to bring what would be called the real limited-liability company that has and still leads the way to new forms of entities that can be used in a business context. The latest development is a serial LLC based in Wyoming, and now it extends to five other countries. (More on Wyoming's leadership in this regard will be discussed in later articles). LLC Wyoming was processed according to the German code in 1892, as well as Panama and other Latin American forms of limited liability company.

As a result, the Wyoming Law on Limited Liability Company contains the same four requirements as required by acts in other countries: 1) the word "limited" must appear somewhere on behalf of the company; 2) the entity enjoys a completely jusristic personality; 3) the partner or partners have control over accepting additional partners; and 4) LLC must be discharged under a member's contract and provide power of attorney or sale of the deceased. This has been modified in many countries to allow the parties to continue their business if they so wish).

We often say that the LLC is quite new. Perhaps, in comparison with corporations, such a statement can be true. However, in many countries, limited liability companies have used it in most of the century to help their owners in risk management, risk planning and asset protection.

In future articles we will consider the use of limited liability companies in the United States and how they have become very popular instruments for the abovementioned purposes.

Fly Fishing Idaho, less famous Creek Creek Creek

Not only are the rivers in Idaho spectacular fly fishing, but there are also numerous streams that provide a wonderful birth trout. The stream is one of those less well-known streams that are spectacular.

Idaho Fly Fishing in Bitch Creek Who knows how Bitch Creek got its name, but Frenziri have our theory. There are 2 access points for fish on Bitch Creek, which I will elaborate in more detail, but an access point that is usually fish is very steep and accessible. The worse it is than turning it down, it's ridiculous. We've always said that once you're down, you're good, but the bitch is out. Hence the name Bitch Creek.

The Creek

The river begins as two separate forks, which eventually join just outside the Idaho border in Wyoming. North Bitch Creek starts north of Mount Moose. South Bitch Creek starts north of Mount Dry Ridge both peaks in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Two streams come out of the mountains and eventually meet about 5 miles along the east of the Idaho / Wyoming border, formed by Bitch Creek. Before going to Idaho, Jackpine Creek is also located in Bitch Creek. Once in Idaho, it is used as a boundary separating County Fremont and County Teton. It runs through the spectacular settings of the canyon before it finally descends into the Teton River northwest of Driggs, Idaho. The wreck is only 15 kilometers long. The northern and southern forks give an additional 8 to 10 miles, but the water for fishing is only about 12-15 miles.

Location Bitch Creek is located in southeast Idah, north of the beautiful Tetons. He went through a part of a wild Jedediah Smith before he entered Idaho and continued his journey through the National Forest of Caribou Targhee. Needless to say, she lacks beauty.

As I have already mentioned, there are two main access points. It's most prominent on the highway 32 north of the Metropolitan Felt Idaho. Highway 32 is a highway connector from Ashton, Idaho to Tetonia Idaho. To get there, take Hwy 33 from Rexburg, Idaho to Driggs and just before Texas Idaho take Hwy 32 north. North of Felt Idaho Hwy 32 crosses Bitch Creek. There is a move where you can park and rest to the stream either upstream or downstream. I personally never flew upstream. The second access point is the favorite of the entertainment group and the place that delivered some of the biggest trout I've ever caught. To get here, take Hwy 32 from Ashton Idaho to Tetonia and you will pass a small town called Drummond Idaho (known by Bar Drummond). Past Drummond about 2 miles you will see the dirt in the south called the 4350 E. It is recognizable by the two structures of the fence that adorn both sides of the road. It looks like you're going into the yard of a farmer for the farm and the grove you will pass, but continue on, and the earthy road starts to end on the edge of a steep canyon. Watching the canyon is a huge contrast from the large grain fields you pass through as you arrive here. Here you will see two water convergence systems that enter one into the canyon. Here Bitch Creek falls into the Teton River. Even though I was at this place, I'm still losing many times each time. It's an inconvenient place to find, but once discovered one of the best fishing small streams you'll ever find. As an additional remark, we would like to respect the landowners / farmers so that you will remain on the dirty roads that allow fishermen to access these beautiful places.


Fishing Bitch Creek is unlike any other fishing I was on. Access is heavy, and the hike to the stream is even worse, but all this contributes to the feeling that you are the only one in the miles of those fish that call it home. And chances are you will be alone, you will never see faces of another person all day.

I first experienced this Creek 12 years ago when Mark Crapo took me there. Since then I have tried to go every year and have consistently pulled 17 – 18 inches of Cutts from this little stream. When I reach the mouth of Teton and Cook, I always move upstream from the bitch. The stream has excellent swimming pools and moves around every corner. If you do not force yourself to stop, you might find that you never go away because of the "just around the circle" syndrome that this creek creates.

The best time to fish is after the spring flow from mid-June. Yetter, Gene Simmons, and I found out on the difficult road to Frenzy 1 2002. Most of the time I was hunting the surface with rock nymphs, mostly the famous Bitch Crick. Standards such as Phasian tails, ears of conspiracy and prince nymphs always work well. The rough pattern also proved to be very productive.

If you are looking for the perfect place to catch the Great Cutts without any practical pressure, Bitch Creek is your place.

Turn on a small business


Turn on and keep some of your earnings from home. If you are not involved, you can exclude your costs only to the level of your personal marginal tax rate. If embedded, there is a large list of costs that can be written off to 100%. Why use Nevada Incorporation Service? WYOMING is a better choice. You can use online installation services and it's easier to turn on Nevada. Delaware contains "Old Hat" for "big cats". Florida company establishment has nothing to compare with Wyoming.


If you choose to join Wyoming your company may not pay a state tax. Stop for a moment and think about what you paid last year in a tax on profits in the state. If you compare NEVADA and Wyoming, keep in mind that the state legislature NEEDS, almost recently, almost brought corporate taxes. Do not gamble that this will not happen. Wyoming will never and never have a state corporation tax on income. Wyoming has a budget surplus.


Since June 1, 2005, NEEDS requires a social security number, date of birth, address of the population and telephone numbers of all shareholders, partners, officers, managers and members of all companies formed in the country. Read and see why this does not have to be a problem.

PRIVACY – Wyoming allows: carrier actions, candidate officials and life proxies. Lawyers and accountants are often asked to provide anonymous "cover for the company" for their clients, for additional privacy. To do this, you need to have a stock certificate and appoint a designated officer and / or company director. This can be arranged in Wyoming. NEVER does not exist.


The initial tax fee in Wyoming is 75% less than NEVADA, after you include a $ 125 HIDDEN fee to be credited to you after you start your company and ADD a new fee of $ 100 PER YEAR for which you count after you start your company, NEVADA has one of the highest initial fees for establishing in the country! Wyoming does not require a state permit for business and does not charge an employee registration fee. The second annual fee in Wyoming is one of the lowest in the country for $ 50. All this means that the quality package of the company in Wyoming is much less expensive than in NEVADA. Annual fee for next years will be over 77% less per year in Wyoming!


The corporation or LLC in Wyoming offers its officers and directors a higher degree of protection against lawsuits filed by dissatisfied creditors or competent prosecutors. Business as a Wyoming Corporation or LLC can provide you with greater protection of property and business privacy. The more information about you that appear in a public record, the easier it is to become a target. It is not pleasant that our law firm attacks lawyers who are looking for a man for "deep pockets". The assumption is that the out-of-court settlement is cheaper than the court. Wyoming will only require a simple "annual report" requiring the disclosure of only those assets located in the State of Wyoming and the name of one person, usually the one who submits the report.

The first LLC statutes in the United States were introduced in Wyoming in 1977. Wyoming has a limited liability company available longer than any other state and has strong laws to protect the members and managers of LLC companies, and also employees and directors of corporation C.

So, Wyoming has:

* No tax on state income

* Privacy is allowed

* Shareholders are not listed with the state

* Best laws on property protection

* Equity stocks are allowed

* The nominated officials are legal

* Citizenship is not necessary

* State tax is not considered

* Wyoming attracts little attention

* NOT NEVER "Stigma"

* Lower startup costs

Wyoming does not have:

* Income tax on citizens

* Income tax

* Tax on stock

* Tax on gross income

* Franchise tax

* Concerned regulations

* Disclosure of shareholders

* Tax on business or "per capita"

* Excise

* Tax on sales, property and heritage is among the lowest in America

Some other benefits:

* Most countries limit the number of shares you are authorized to issue; in Wyoming you can issue as many actions as you like (without any additional costs or fees) by simply entering the appropriate entries into your founding act. If you intend to finally take your company to the public, unlimited actions will be of great importance to you.

* Some countries require that you have more than one person to serve as different officers and directors of your corporation. In Wyoming you can be all employees and directors. This can give you great flexibility and control over your corporation.

* Stunning levels of anonymity can be yours. The suggestion is NOT that you must be "secret" and you certainly can not do anything illegal or even incorrect. Today's situation can lead to your participation in a lawsuit or court proceedings for the mere appearance of property. Some people think that you are "rich" if you have money after tax. This perception of the very "wealth" can make a target. Wyoming allows you to use "nominated officers / directors", which means that anyone who chooses can appear on a public record in your site that offers you great financial privacy. You can also use nominated or "third" shareholders who may be the owners of the record of the action you control. This type of service is available on the schedule of fees depending on the level of service required by the Client. As an officer or director, you can not be held responsible for the debts of a corporation – the Wyoming law is pretty strong in that respect and generally indicates that as long as you have not deliberately violated the law, you are protected from the claim against the corporation.

* Minimum bureaucratic tape: Low annual fees – Annual fees In Wyoming, they are based only on the value of corporate assets located within the country. The minimum is $ 50 and Wyoming worth $ 1 million will cost you only $ 200. That's right, $ 200 for the $ 1 million property you're holding in the state of Wyoming. There are no fees for property outside the country. So, almost all the companies involved here just owe the state of $ 50.00 a year. Wyoming does not require minimal capitalization. You can corporatively finance with whatever you want. It is generally a good idea to capitalize on a level that suits others in your industry or business, especially if you are looking for Joint Ventures. Wyoming does not require you to hold annual meetings in Wyoming. In fact, you never have to enter the country, although Tetons and Jackson Hole are places that everyone should see. Maui makes a nice annual meeting. Use your imagination.


When asked him later in life that he had accumulated a personal net worth of more than a billion dollars, John D. Rockefeller replied that he

& # 39; secret & # 39; There was nothing to control & # 39;.

This is a good advice for many reasons (no one can take over something you do not own), but sometimes it's easier said than done. By allowing another person or entity to own shares in a corporation, you can use proxies to maintain complete control. The problem is that most of the state laws require the prominence of the proxy and they are later renewed every six or seven years. This could be a problem if the "legal owner" decides not to renew his proxy. Wyoming provides proxies of lifelong life and thus protects you from this development.

Another feature:

If you already have a corporation – Once again Wyoming offers incomparable flexibility. By submitting a few simple forms, your existing corporation can become a benevolent Wyoming corporation. Your existing corporation may retain its original date of establishment after becoming Wyoming Corporation. Anyone reviewing a public record in Wyoming will see a corporation that dates back to your current corporation. You can immediately become Wyoming Corporation without losing many of the benefits of longevity and continuity of work.