What is the origin of a limited liability company? (The answer can only surprise you!)

LLC, or as an officially known limited liability company, is really quite new to the United States. In fact, in 1977, Wyoming became the first state to adopt a statute of a limited liability company. Some people think that the first might have been Nevada, LLC or Delaware, LLC. But they would be right. In this area we have the right We Wyoming to thank you for introducing the concept of a limited liability company in this country.

The term "import" in the preceding sentence raises the question. If this type of company is imported, where did it come from? The answer might surprise you. The term LLC was created in Germany in 1892. When this type of limited liability company was established in Germany, it is spreading across the globe through an interesting exceptional United States.

This does not mean that some states do not work on marriage between partnerships and corporations to allow some form of limited liability. Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, and Ohio experimented in that respect. However, it was Wyoming that in 1977 it became the first US state to bring what would be called the real limited-liability company that has and still leads the way to new forms of entities that can be used in a business context. The latest development is a serial LLC based in Wyoming, and now it extends to five other countries. (More on Wyoming's leadership in this regard will be discussed in later articles). LLC Wyoming was processed according to the German code in 1892, as well as Panama and other Latin American forms of limited liability company.

As a result, the Wyoming Law on Limited Liability Company contains the same four requirements as required by acts in other countries: 1) the word "limited" must appear somewhere on behalf of the company; 2) the entity enjoys a completely jusristic personality; 3) the partner or partners have control over accepting additional partners; and 4) LLC must be discharged under a member's contract and provide power of attorney or sale of the deceased. This has been modified in many countries to allow the parties to continue their business if they so wish).

We often say that the LLC is quite new. Perhaps, in comparison with corporations, such a statement can be true. However, in many countries, limited liability companies have used it in most of the century to help their owners in risk management, risk planning and asset protection.

In future articles we will consider the use of limited liability companies in the United States and how they have become very popular instruments for the abovementioned purposes.

Fly Fishing Idaho, less famous Creek Creek Creek

Not only are the rivers in Idaho spectacular fly fishing, but there are also numerous streams that provide a wonderful birth trout. The stream is one of those less well-known streams that are spectacular.

Idaho Fly Fishing in Bitch Creek Who knows how Bitch Creek got its name, but Frenziri have our theory. There are 2 access points for fish on Bitch Creek, which I will elaborate in more detail, but an access point that is usually fish is very steep and accessible. The worse it is than turning it down, it's ridiculous. We've always said that once you're down, you're good, but the bitch is out. Hence the name Bitch Creek.

The Creek

The river begins as two separate forks, which eventually join just outside the Idaho border in Wyoming. North Bitch Creek starts north of Mount Moose. South Bitch Creek starts north of Mount Dry Ridge both peaks in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Two streams come out of the mountains and eventually meet about 5 miles along the east of the Idaho / Wyoming border, formed by Bitch Creek. Before going to Idaho, Jackpine Creek is also located in Bitch Creek. Once in Idaho, it is used as a boundary separating County Fremont and County Teton. It runs through the spectacular settings of the canyon before it finally descends into the Teton River northwest of Driggs, Idaho. The wreck is only 15 kilometers long. The northern and southern forks give an additional 8 to 10 miles, but the water for fishing is only about 12-15 miles.

Location Bitch Creek is located in southeast Idah, north of the beautiful Tetons. He went through a part of a wild Jedediah Smith before he entered Idaho and continued his journey through the National Forest of Caribou Targhee. Needless to say, she lacks beauty.

As I have already mentioned, there are two main access points. It's most prominent on the highway 32 north of the Metropolitan Felt Idaho. Highway 32 is a highway connector from Ashton, Idaho to Tetonia Idaho. To get there, take Hwy 33 from Rexburg, Idaho to Driggs and just before Texas Idaho take Hwy 32 north. North of Felt Idaho Hwy 32 crosses Bitch Creek. There is a move where you can park and rest to the stream either upstream or downstream. I personally never flew upstream. The second access point is the favorite of the entertainment group and the place that delivered some of the biggest trout I've ever caught. To get here, take Hwy 32 from Ashton Idaho to Tetonia and you will pass a small town called Drummond Idaho (known by Bar Drummond). Past Drummond about 2 miles you will see the dirt in the south called the 4350 E. It is recognizable by the two structures of the fence that adorn both sides of the road. It looks like you're going into the yard of a farmer for the farm and the grove you will pass, but continue on, and the earthy road starts to end on the edge of a steep canyon. Watching the canyon is a huge contrast from the large grain fields you pass through as you arrive here. Here you will see two water convergence systems that enter one into the canyon. Here Bitch Creek falls into the Teton River. Even though I was at this place, I'm still losing many times each time. It's an inconvenient place to find, but once discovered one of the best fishing small streams you'll ever find. As an additional remark, we would like to respect the landowners / farmers so that you will remain on the dirty roads that allow fishermen to access these beautiful places.


Fishing Bitch Creek is unlike any other fishing I was on. Access is heavy, and the hike to the stream is even worse, but all this contributes to the feeling that you are the only one in the miles of those fish that call it home. And chances are you will be alone, you will never see faces of another person all day.

I first experienced this Creek 12 years ago when Mark Crapo took me there. Since then I have tried to go every year and have consistently pulled 17 – 18 inches of Cutts from this little stream. When I reach the mouth of Teton and Cook, I always move upstream from the bitch. The stream has excellent swimming pools and moves around every corner. If you do not force yourself to stop, you might find that you never go away because of the "just around the circle" syndrome that this creek creates.

The best time to fish is after the spring flow from mid-June. Yetter, Gene Simmons, and I found out on the difficult road to Frenzy 1 2002. Most of the time I was hunting the surface with rock nymphs, mostly the famous Bitch Crick. Standards such as Phasian tails, ears of conspiracy and prince nymphs always work well. The rough pattern also proved to be very productive.

If you are looking for the perfect place to catch the Great Cutts without any practical pressure, Bitch Creek is your place.

Turn on a small business


Turn on and keep some of your earnings from home. If you are not involved, you can exclude your costs only to the level of your personal marginal tax rate. If embedded, there is a large list of costs that can be written off to 100%. Why use Nevada Incorporation Service? WYOMING is a better choice. You can use online installation services and it's easier to turn on Nevada. Delaware contains "Old Hat" for "big cats". Florida company establishment has nothing to compare with Wyoming.


If you choose to join Wyoming your company may not pay a state tax. Stop for a moment and think about what you paid last year in a tax on profits in the state. If you compare NEVADA and Wyoming, keep in mind that the state legislature NEEDS, almost recently, almost brought corporate taxes. Do not gamble that this will not happen. Wyoming will never and never have a state corporation tax on income. Wyoming has a budget surplus.


Since June 1, 2005, NEEDS requires a social security number, date of birth, address of the population and telephone numbers of all shareholders, partners, officers, managers and members of all companies formed in the country. Read and see why this does not have to be a problem.

PRIVACY – Wyoming allows: carrier actions, candidate officials and life proxies. Lawyers and accountants are often asked to provide anonymous "cover for the company" for their clients, for additional privacy. To do this, you need to have a stock certificate and appoint a designated officer and / or company director. This can be arranged in Wyoming. NEVER does not exist.


The initial tax fee in Wyoming is 75% less than NEVADA, after you include a $ 125 HIDDEN fee to be credited to you after you start your company and ADD a new fee of $ 100 PER YEAR for which you count after you start your company, NEVADA has one of the highest initial fees for establishing in the country! Wyoming does not require a state permit for business and does not charge an employee registration fee. The second annual fee in Wyoming is one of the lowest in the country for $ 50. All this means that the quality package of the company in Wyoming is much less expensive than in NEVADA. Annual fee for next years will be over 77% less per year in Wyoming!


The corporation or LLC in Wyoming offers its officers and directors a higher degree of protection against lawsuits filed by dissatisfied creditors or competent prosecutors. Business as a Wyoming Corporation or LLC can provide you with greater protection of property and business privacy. The more information about you that appear in a public record, the easier it is to become a target. It is not pleasant that our law firm attacks lawyers who are looking for a man for "deep pockets". The assumption is that the out-of-court settlement is cheaper than the court. Wyoming will only require a simple "annual report" requiring the disclosure of only those assets located in the State of Wyoming and the name of one person, usually the one who submits the report.

The first LLC statutes in the United States were introduced in Wyoming in 1977. Wyoming has a limited liability company available longer than any other state and has strong laws to protect the members and managers of LLC companies, and also employees and directors of corporation C.

So, Wyoming has:

* No tax on state income

* Privacy is allowed

* Shareholders are not listed with the state

* Best laws on property protection

* Equity stocks are allowed

* The nominated officials are legal

* Citizenship is not necessary

* State tax is not considered

* Wyoming attracts little attention

* NOT NEVER "Stigma"

* Lower startup costs

Wyoming does not have:

* Income tax on citizens

* Income tax

* Tax on stock

* Tax on gross income

* Franchise tax

* Concerned regulations

* Disclosure of shareholders

* Tax on business or "per capita"

* Excise

* Tax on sales, property and heritage is among the lowest in America

Some other benefits:

* Most countries limit the number of shares you are authorized to issue; in Wyoming you can issue as many actions as you like (without any additional costs or fees) by simply entering the appropriate entries into your founding act. If you intend to finally take your company to the public, unlimited actions will be of great importance to you.

* Some countries require that you have more than one person to serve as different officers and directors of your corporation. In Wyoming you can be all employees and directors. This can give you great flexibility and control over your corporation.

* Stunning levels of anonymity can be yours. The suggestion is NOT that you must be "secret" and you certainly can not do anything illegal or even incorrect. Today's situation can lead to your participation in a lawsuit or court proceedings for the mere appearance of property. Some people think that you are "rich" if you have money after tax. This perception of the very "wealth" can make a target. Wyoming allows you to use "nominated officers / directors", which means that anyone who chooses can appear on a public record in your site that offers you great financial privacy. You can also use nominated or "third" shareholders who may be the owners of the record of the action you control. This type of service is available on the schedule of fees depending on the level of service required by the Client. As an officer or director, you can not be held responsible for the debts of a corporation – the Wyoming law is pretty strong in that respect and generally indicates that as long as you have not deliberately violated the law, you are protected from the claim against the corporation.

* Minimum bureaucratic tape: Low annual fees – Annual fees In Wyoming, they are based only on the value of corporate assets located within the country. The minimum is $ 50 and Wyoming worth $ 1 million will cost you only $ 200. That's right, $ 200 for the $ 1 million property you're holding in the state of Wyoming. There are no fees for property outside the country. So, almost all the companies involved here just owe the state of $ 50.00 a year. Wyoming does not require minimal capitalization. You can corporatively finance with whatever you want. It is generally a good idea to capitalize on a level that suits others in your industry or business, especially if you are looking for Joint Ventures. Wyoming does not require you to hold annual meetings in Wyoming. In fact, you never have to enter the country, although Tetons and Jackson Hole are places that everyone should see. Maui makes a nice annual meeting. Use your imagination.


When asked him later in life that he had accumulated a personal net worth of more than a billion dollars, John D. Rockefeller replied that he

& # 39; secret & # 39; There was nothing to control & # 39;.

This is a good advice for many reasons (no one can take over something you do not own), but sometimes it's easier said than done. By allowing another person or entity to own shares in a corporation, you can use proxies to maintain complete control. The problem is that most of the state laws require the prominence of the proxy and they are later renewed every six or seven years. This could be a problem if the "legal owner" decides not to renew his proxy. Wyoming provides proxies of lifelong life and thus protects you from this development.

Another feature:

If you already have a corporation – Once again Wyoming offers incomparable flexibility. By submitting a few simple forms, your existing corporation can become a benevolent Wyoming corporation. Your existing corporation may retain its original date of establishment after becoming Wyoming Corporation. Anyone reviewing a public record in Wyoming will see a corporation that dates back to your current corporation. You can immediately become Wyoming Corporation without losing many of the benefits of longevity and continuity of work.

Wyoming could play a key role in the US nuclear future

"Geology is the terminology of 90 percent and 10 percent of science," said Ray E. Harris, one of the leading geologic theoreticians in Wyoming, who had been with Wyoming's geological survey since 1982. He died on March 7th. We met two weeks earlier and talked to Mr. Harris. Anyone we met in Wyoming, who was interested in uranium mining, went through one of his offices at one time or another, which was an addition to the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

Terrence Osier of Strathmore Minerals was a frequent visitor to his box on the third floor. Norman Burmeister of Kilgore Minerala met Ray Harris the day before our meeting. When we announced an upcoming interview with Billy Boberg from UR-Energy to discuss his prediction that Central Wyoming, by its own merits, to the uranium province, kindly told us to say hello to Bill. Anyone who explores or develops uranium assets in Wyoming was in the name of the first name with Ray Harris.

One of the main geologists for Burlington Northern Burlington Northern, who bought Santa Fe Pacific, and then released Santa Fe Gold (later released from Newmont Mining), Ray Harris wrote voluminously and passionately about uranium mining. The Weymouth legislator and president of Strathmore Minerals, David Miller, introduced us to Ray Harris. Miller recently wrote Ray Harris email after he informed us of his death. "He was a supporter of Wyoming diversification in the production of industrial minerals and uranium.

Ray Harris traveled to the world by exploring and studying uranium deposits. He was well versed in the geology of any significant uranium deposit on earth and was involved in research, development and uranium mining. In the Wyoming Public Information Circular Geological Survey, published in 1986, Ray Harris presented a unique and perhaps controversial thesis, "The deposit of uranium deposits in Atabasca, Canada and North Australia – the significance of Wyoming research." In his introduction, Harris wrote:

"Wyoming has some uranium phenomena in geological environments similar to those in Australia and the Atabas basin, and it seems to have the potential for a uranium deposit similar to the size of those dumps."

Harris acknowledged in his article: "The reported reserves for these two regions are 436,360,000 tons of U3O8, or one quarter to one third of proven non-Co-Communist reserves." At the same time, the total US Uranium reserves of $ 30 / pound in 1982 amount to 203,000 tonnes. Wyoming's piece of this pit pie stands at 32,700 tonnes. It was a brave claim, open to discuss the ill-founded dispute and surrender.

There may be truth in Harris. FIRST. In 1981, ES Cheney published an article in an American scientist called "Hunt for Giant Deposit Deposit", where he explained that the large deposit would contain more than 100 million pounds of renewable U3O8. However, can the parts be more than one huge uranium? William Boberg, in his 1981 article, "Some Specifications on the Development of Central Wyoming as a Uranium Province," published in the Wyoming Geological Collaborative Guide, wrote: "The Wyoming Province of Uranium consists of several urinal areas (Gas Hills, Shirley Basin, Crooks Gap, Red Desert, River Basin and Black Hills), each consisting of several to several individual deposits of uranium. In the second part of this series, Wyoming, Senator Robert Peck advised tomorrow that there were "50 to 60 million pounds of renewable uranium in the hills on the gases proved by previous drilling. "

Warren Finch, in the US Geological Survey Bulletin # 2141 (1996, US Press Office, Washington), wrote in his article entitled "The Uranium Provinces of North America – Their Definition, Distribution and Models", that "… Lands Identify Distribution major uranium clusters, generally 500 tonnes and more U3O8 … "Since January 1970, when Bowie SHU described how to wipe out the uranium deployment and seeks large deposits of uranium in paper that he presented at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna , geologists want to compare similar geological settings between geographically different deposits of uranium, and more precisely define uranium provinces.

Ray Harris wrote in his earlier quoted article: "In the United States there is no ore production of bodies similar to those of the Atabag Valley and North Australia, but two settlements, currently not mined, can be similar genes near Chatham, Pittsylvania County, Virginia and the Bakers Mountains, Fremont County, Wyoming. "(Editors note: According to the Strathmore Minerals website, the property of Copper Mountain, previously drilled by Anaconda Uranium Corp until 1997, has a historically-owned resource of over 38 million pounds U3O8.)

Harris explained that the high-quality uranium deposit in the United States, the geological similarities with the deposit of the Athabasca basin, could not be quickly shut down. Chatham, a uranium dump in Virginia, estimates four kilograms per tonne of ore and believes that it can contain 30 million pounds of uranium oxide. He wrote: "… the setting is similar to uranium deposits that are inconsistent with harmonization … at first glance, it seems to have been formed similar to the dumps of Athabasca and northern Australia." Unfortunately, a Virginia lawmaker voted to ban uranium mining, which offers a temporary drop in this deposit. This is not the case in mining that is friendly to Wyoming, where in the first part of this series, the governor of the state was invited to companies to bring hours of uranium projects and money to their country.

Wyoming's geological potential for US utilities

It is known that Wyoming has more uranium drops in its sand. Promining the country, a prolific number of uranium deposits and a rise in uranium prices on the uranium wells market are combined to make Wyoming become the center of the United States for on-site handling (ISL), also known as the mining solution. However, as Ray Harris suggested during our interview, there may be a larger source of uranium, perhaps one that may be competitive with Athabasca Basin or North Australia. This is the promise he spoke about in the 1980s, in a previous citation, and again in 1993, Harris & article "The Geological Classification and Origin of Radioactive Minerals in Wyoming".

In his work in 1986, Harris concluded: "Given the impressive length of the exposure, the relatively low depth of the subconstruction of favorable inconsistencies in Wyoming, as well as the large amounts of uranium available for mobilization, somewhere in Wyoming there should be a deposit of uranium that does not consist in consent ". One possibility, as proposed by Harris, may be in the areas of the Copper Mountains of the district of Fremont. Harris wrote that "in the Bakarna Mountain region" uranium occurs in fractured and weakened overcombined walls and an inconsistent breakthrough formation of the Eocene Chapel Trail, "he added. "Uranium is spatially linked to fractures and subsidiary disorders associated with Laramide North Canning." Rocky Mountain Energy Company carried out a detailed drilling in the North Canning landfill. "

Harris explained that mineralization occurs in Precambrian granite and closed metaphyses. For mineralization it is claimed that they are primarily low-temperature figs and coffins. Harris compared the North Canning landfill with uranium deposits that were not in compliance with regulations. He wrote: "It is likely that the deposit is formed by a process similar to those that functioned in Atabasca and the Northern Australian region." We checked with David Miller from Strathmore Minerals (TSX: STM; the other OTC: STHJF) about their property of the Copper Mountain. He replied by e-mail: "We have all the federal minerals in the area that cover mineralization of uranium: about 75 percent of the gross uranium resources, and Canning Deposit owns about 60 percent of us and 40 percent of Neutron." Strathmore Minerals has about 100 mining requirements in this area. "

The source of rolled uranium uranium rolling crows is open to debut and has yet to be clarified. William Boberg wrote in 1981: "The most important finds of Wyoming appearing in the Lower Cretaceous Inyan Kara Black Hills group, in the formation of the Paleocene Fort Union in the dust basin, in the Eocene correlation mushrooms in all major uranium municipalities." Warren Finch later described Wyoming's fronts of rolling shutters in his previous work: "The predominant type of uranium embankment is the laying of the front sandstone layer in a tertiary continental venting base between the elevation that entered the sandy one from the hostel to the edge of the basin." Two possible sources of uranium were: 1) the uraniferous Preambian granite that provided sediment for the sandstone in the household and (2) overwhelmed oligocene volcanic ash. "Ray Harris was more inclined towards the first. He advocated more for the second explanation for the source of the uranium.

Boberg wrote: "It seems that the currently available evidence supports a hypothesis that calls for combined sources of precambrian granite and volcanic ash falls that produce a unique liquid that creates a hole that has a rich uranium that penetrates into very porous and permeable young sediments of major altered languages ​​and discrete deposits in a geologically short period of mineralization. "It was calculated that a typically altered" language "should have formed 700,000 years; a typical uranium insert in the roll could have been formed over 50,000 years ago.

Boberg speculated that numerous and intense ash-enriched ash fell from the Middle Eocene vulcanism, which was responsible for these landfills. He wrote: "The most important fact is that a series of volcanic events from various alien centers began some 50 million years ago, creating huge amounts of ash distributed through Wyoming and associated countries for more than 40 million years ago."

His explanation of the volcanic ash gives a valuable insight into how the uranium addresses in Wyoming have been formed:

"The volcanic ash, when fired by the first rain, produced a unique liquid, which was acidic and filled with ions, to approximately neutral but empty extra uranium from granite and possibly ash. High precipitation and climate provided a stable proportion of dissolved oxygen liquid, which leads to the formation of a unique, oxidizing, uranium enriched fluid that has entered into unconsolidated, reduced sediments by oxidizing them and transmitting uranium to the possible maximum oxidation. "

Boberg explained the development of the lateral fronts, wrote: "The fluid flow through very porous and permeable sediments would reliably allow the development of large oxidized nuclei with young sediments, as well as wasting urine into redox (oxidized reduction) within about a million years, and landfills formed near the granite mountains would be larger and with a higher average grade due to the abundance of dual granite and ash sources. "

The discovery of uranium JD Love in tertiary sandstone, 1951, was a superficial roll-front type of redox deposit. The rolling front sequence is followed by a synchronous linear trend, often in the form of letter C. Miners in Colorado and Utah have begun to invoke the configuration of the cross-sectional "roll" in the early 1940s. Roller fronts appear in the sand, borders above and below the less permeable pebbles. In Wyoming, "rollers" border with altered and unmodified sandy stone. It is generally concave from altered soil and convex to undeveloped soil. Harris & # 39; The idealized deposit of uranium in the roll would have "concentrations of uranium sharply reduced from the concave boundary, and concentrations gradually declined from the convex boundary in a reduced wall."

Uranium is not always present everywhere in the front roll. It can be unevenly distributed and there are often other elements, such as vanadium, selenium, molybdenum, copper, silver, lead and zinc. Geologists look for where rough-grained sandstones are built into finer grain or clay equivalents as indicators for uranium ore. As uranium geologists know with the frontal deposits, they can be digested as long as it is below the water table. When the landfills are packed above the water table, uranium concentration can be eroded and seriously modified.

This is not a uranium insert in the roll, which Harris was interested in, but the appearance of tabloid redox uranium was found in many parts of Wyoming. He found them the most prominent in the group of Crescent Inyan Kara on the black hills. Harris explained: "Uranium mines in New Mexico and many other parts of Plato in Colorado are also tabular findings." Tabular bodies, Harris remarked, describe their irregular tabular shape and are located parallel to bedding, other than the mineralization of the front roller blind that crosses bedding. Harris believed that some of the tabular bodies in tertiary walls were "limbs and separate limbs of the front roller blinds left in less permeable walls on the margins of the canal". He also said that tabular bodies can be preserved in oxidized stone due to high concentrations of other walls, such as coal or pyrite.

In any case, Harris agreed with other geologists that Wyoming is a uranium uranium province that occurs in almost all major time divisions in the country. He concluded: "Uranium was available for mobilization during each major period of time in relation to nonconformities." In the last few minutes together, he was convinced that many uranium development companies would need to sift more resources into research and find landfills of elephants, which he highlighted in three different parts of uranium. In his way of thinking, it was exciting that simple ISL extraction of uranium from previously drilled areas. As with others interviewed, a number of these areas will have surprises, but instead offers a stable, extraction of uranium for the production of cash that helps develop young companies. That's what US users and utilities from other countries want right away. Uyumiyum in Wyoming could sink many US nuclear reactors, as more companies condemn ISL uranium operations.

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Values ​​of Value Values ​​in Wyoming

Experts for the real estate industry and the media have been waiting for a bubble burst for some time, like today's Nostradamus. The US market will collapse, homeowners will plunge, sales will decline. In the last few months, a lot of propaganda and gloomy predictions on the nation's market have been fulfilled. But learning about what they do on the national market, and the national national value medium will not help you when you want to buy or sell in a particular area. (In case you are curious, the national media value of the house was $ 221,900 in 2006). To get a good idea of ​​where the market in an area is located, regardless of whether the domestic value moves up or down, you need to look more than the current market in that area. You need to explore her economy, opportunities for employment and growth and its attractions.

Wyoming, with the capital city of Cheyenne, seems to be the state flying under most people's "radar." Well known as the country of cowboys and confidently sparsely inhabited with only 515,004 inhabitants in 2006, many assume that Wyoming is the middle of no country, without any effect and nothing First of all, with its spacious plains and fertile soil, Wyoming's agriculture provides the rest of the country with cattle, tail, sheep, hay and wheat, and its industries provide mining, chemical products, wood and wood, printing and publishing, machinery and, of course, tourism. The weak economy is a good indicator that the real estate market in the real estate market should remain stable and domestic values ​​will increase.

Wyoming is also known as "forever west" and emphasizes the very essence of the American Old West, the simpler time of cowboys and cattle raids. Wyoming has become stuck in this simplicity and many of his tourist attractions are along the same line. The central state of the state is a corridor that many pioneers have followed in the West, from the plateau of burial wise to mountain mountains. Historic paths and cultural sites abound. Wyoming is probably best known as the home of the Yellowstone National Park, as well as many other national parks and Indian reserves, so you have a lot to do, whether you like to visit historical and cultural sites or want to go out in an open space for some wildlife – , fishing, hiking, boat riding, etc. Wyoming is also the site of many fossil roads sites (see the Fossil Butte National Monument), as well as wild horse and strange ranch herds. For those who want nightlife, the capital cities like Cheyenne and Laramie have clubs, theaters, dining rooms, breweries and anything else the city should offer.

Although many of Wyoming's attractions are more oriented towards the outer line, they still see many tourists every year, and another reason why the real estate market and domestic value should be reliably stable. Even their unemployment rate has fallen from 2.9% in recent years, although they say historically low 1.9% in February 1979. The median domestic income is similar to many middle western countries, at about $ 46,000 in 2005. The middle home value is relatively low, about $ 152,011.

It seems that the real estate market in Wyoming, though not rising, does not affect the proposed list as many other countries. It is one of the largest coal suppliers in the world and due to the high demand for mineral products (such as coal and gas), the eastern part of the country suffered a serious lack of work and a lack of housing. Because of this demand, the labor market exploded and construction of new apartments for the state began. As a result, much of Wyoming remains a market for sellers, unlike the rest of the country. With a lot of jobs and a strong economic future, Wyoming's domestic value ratios have not taken many hits as many other areas, and as long as these factors remain in the climb, they should have a permanent market for some time.

"Your, From Wyoming" Author Robert W Howe – Book Review

Some people simply breathe air; Others enjoy the smell and smell of every breath. Some people watch the landscape and see mountains, fields and streams; others see minute information about weather, life, beauty, just a trained eye, like the curator of the museum, will be shown out of the masterpiece. Some people would say "hello" and smiled at the stranger in the passage, others locked their eyes and distributed greetings that were intimate, and then introduced the person during the encounter.

For Robert W. Howe, this other comes naturally, instinctively and passionately. In his book entitled "His, from Wyoming", he painstakingly worked on the perceptions of life's life, precisely articulated, by the letters he wrote to others over the years. He has experienced his experiences in the description of humankind with almost divine grace and understanding. A woven fabric that can be wrapped in a poncho, facing a cow mounted on a horse, to keep it cold from the prevailing winds in the desert.

Categorized in seasons and months, his book brings the reader into his life, his world, his beliefs and the most impressive as he can see through his eyes. On several occasions by most authors, Mr Howe's excellent writing and skilled observation create a voice in the reader's mind of a modest man of exceptional genius, followers of God's teachings, mastery of communication, and a deeply romantic lover of people. His invaluable ability to achieve respect from others, giving the highest respect, exceeds only people, but in the cowboy sense moves horses, cattle, pets and wild animals he encounters. With the honest skills of a mountain man, he is a polished gentleman exactly the same. A man wants to get to know the reader, while reading begins to know, and when finished, remember him as a friend who knew.

I found this book to change me, sometimes the highest compliment I could give to a literary piece. Because of that, I have contributed much more to the slowdown of time, and the abandonment of confusion and pressure knots confronts the pace of cowboy time, pasturing time, wildlife, seasonal times, and even geological times. Uniquely printed using landscape binding with portrait pages, printed on four sides by display, her published style somehow physically reminded me of traveling to wide open areas of mountains, fields and plains, rivers and large parts of the sky. The letter is gilded with a beautiful portfolio of illustrations by Vel Miller.

As a song or scent can trigger memories, for me the landscapes will now in my eyes bring greater gratitude to the details of the details, thanks to their new wondrous mentor, Mr. Robert W. Howu.

Title: Your, from Wyoming
Author: Robert W. Howe

Dave Christensen, chief football coach at the University of Wyoming, was at the University of Missouri

Dave Christensen became head coach for 2009 at the University of Wyoming. Prior to joining Wyoming University Cowboys, Christensen was Assistant Football Coach at Washington University (1989-1990), Idaho State University (1990-1991), Toledo University (1992-2000), and recently the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO 2001-2008).

Before Coach Christensen inherited his coach duties in Laramie, Wyoming, where the University of Wyoming is located, a man named Joe Glenn was the head of the football coach for six years from 2003-2008. Joe Glenn won the winning record of his predecessor Vic Koenning, who from 2000 to 2002 had huge records of 5-29 in three seasons as head coach in Laramie. Although Coach Glenn moved the program in the right direction in general, he was able to set up only one winning season (7-5 ​​in 2004) during his six years of oversight of the organization. After having played 9-15 in the last two seasons, Joe Glenn has been relieved of his position, and the University of Wyoming has brought Dave Christensen, the offensive coordinator of the University of Missouri, to replace him.

Since he was an offensive coordinator at the University of Missouri from 2001 to 2008, Dave made for himself the name of an architect of an explosive dead offensive that became one of the highest ranked football offensive in Division I. The success Christensen demonstrated at the University of Missouri made him a desirable candidate for training the head and man whom Wyoming Cowboys gladly hired. The prevalence that Dave employs has become a popular transfer system by a number of teams that have so far found a way to confuse the defense by spreading football to many receivers running different routes.

In his first season with Cowboys coach, Christensen played much better than 7-6 records in the 2009 football season. The successful campaign of the first year coach for the new head coach of football broke a thrilling 35-28 victory in the New Mexico Bowl in 2009 on December 19, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The victory of the last season was a significant feather in the captain's new chief coach, Dave Christensen, because he marked only the second time since 1967 that the University of New Mexico won in the post-season season.

Just what the future holds for coach Dave Christensen at the University of Vietnam remains to be seen. Whether Christensen will have a long-standing successful Laramie attendance or simply use the position as a step towards a greater career aspirations to run a historic top-notch soccer program, will be revealed only on time.

Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo in Douglas

It's amazing how the small community of Douglas, Wyoming hosts a state fair every year in mid-August. This city usually contains only 5,000 people, but when the rectangle revolves around that number. An interesting feature is the North Platte river that runs through the city and provides an excellent place for visitors to the picnic or simply leaving the fishing floor. Visitors to the fair can find free parking south of the base at Brownfield Road.

The fair recently passed a little remodeling, and at the 2006 State Fair a new facility was discovered. They have a much larger livestock pavilion, a multi-purpose building of an exhibition of livestock, a special lounge and a multipurpose pigsty object.

At the State Fair, you can find many exhibits, including hobby collection of sheep exhibits, competition of older machines, professional art exercises, jury competitions, goat shows and the biggest vegetables that can be found for miles around Douglas.

Several entertaining viewing competitions are Jack Russell terrier races and swine fights in the mudguard. Rubber Chicken Race represents a unique perspective on the relay. Teams of 3 to 5 people will transfer rubber chicken to each other after a race on a particular vehicle. The first round is done on a sharpened horse, the other on a naked horse; the third on a bicycle, the fourth to a four-point, and the latter made a team of two, and one person was pushed to the finish line in the wheelchairs.

There is a comedy in all its different forms at the fair. You can watch free shows of comedic magicians, ridiculous Hypnotista, clown, and there is a comedy singing group A Capela.

Wyoming, Michigan Criminal Defense

In Wyoming, Michigan, there are two District Court judges. Pablo Cortes was appointed District Court Judge in November 2005. His current term expires in December 2014. Judge Cortes received an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and graduated from the Wayne University Law School. He is also a professor at the Law School, Thomas M. Cooley. The second district court judge is Steven Timmers. In November 2001, he was elected district judge, and his current term expires in December 2016. Judge Timmers received an undergraduate degree at West Michigan University. He graduated from the Law School Thomas M. Cooley.

Judge Timmers is a fair judge who listens to both sides of any argument before deciding on issues of law. Judge Pablo Cortes is a former prosecutor and is a bit sharper for defenders than Judge Timmers.

City lawyers from Wyoming, Michigan are known as fair and do not want to throw a book to everyone who is charged with the crime there. The Office of the Prosecutor's Office of Kent County manages the vast majority of criminal cases in Wyoming, Michigan. The Office of the Prosecutor's Office of Kent is a rather difficult office for dealing with problems, but there are others that are much worse to solve the problem.

Michigan District Court 62A Wyoming is a court of limited jurisprudence. It has the authority to decide on cases relating to traffic and criminal matters, such as: criminal offenses, parking violations, traffic offenses and traffic offenses.

The Court conducts preliminary examinations of criminal cases to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the case to the District Court, which is an absolute court having jurisprudence for such matters. At the preliminary examination, the Office of the Prosecutor's Office of Kent County must prove that there is a probable reason to conclude that the criminal offense has been committed and that a criminal offense has been committed by a person charged with a criminal offense.

Offenses are cases that do not amount to a fine of more than $ 1,000.00 in sentences or a year in prison. Cases that cross these borders are called Felonies.

If a person is charged with a criminal offense in Wyoming, Michigan, they will have a preliminary examination (if the charge is a criminal offense), then two pre-trial conferences, a jury selection, a trial, and a sentence. For convicting verdicts, a pre-sentence will be made. If the DUI or OWI belief is, the alcohol assessment must be performed before sending.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort – Wyoming USA

Wyoming Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a fantastic place to experience fun and excitement in the hands of nature. Situated at the entrance to Teton National Park and just 11 miles from Jackson, Jackson Hole is an incredible valley that is gifted with fantastic natural landscapes. In the summer, the resort offers many opportunities for hiking and cycling, but when the winter comes, Jackson Hole treats its guests with a variety of snow-based activities.
Due to its richness to the Tetonian mountain range, it has many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful mountain visas. One of the most famous views is from the top of the Rendezvous Mountain, which stands at more than 10,000 feet and towers over the other Tetonian mountains. But the view is not just an exciting thing about Rendezvous, the journey to this peak is self-evident.
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This journey involves taking Jackson Hole aerodynamics from the village of Teton. This tram, which can accommodate 100 passengers at the same time, provides travelers with an incredible opportunity to get not only 360 degree views of Tetons, but also the surrounding Grand Teton National Park.
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Jackson Hole has more than 100 ski runs on an area of ​​2500 hectares, so it may be a little worrying to choose the best. The resort, in fact, has some of the fastest and longest vertical slips in all of North America and receives an average of 360 inches of snow a year. In addition to the air tram, there are 8 ski huts and gondolas in the village, which facilitate the transportation of winter enthusiasts to the ski hills.
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Corbet Couloir, which causes highly skilled skiers to jump 10 meters outdoors, is probably the most popular run in the resort. At the top of these exciting running, there are also many laid-up tracks for those who want to admire the snowy landscape. Another important ski run to be explored is Rendezvous Trail. This trail shows three sections and provides an incredible view of the valley.
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If you are an advanced skier, you could crash your way down from the top, and go through a multitude of trees and gladiators. Middle skiers can opt for a spacious middle part of the race. If you are looking for a real physical exercise that will start your money with your thighs, try Hobbake! This ski zone will excite you with 28 degrees, completely left untreated. These programs can be found at the southern end of the resort. But, take into account the hops, regardless of its sections (north, middle, south) are not for the bad heart.
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But do not be scared if you are a skier journalist who visits Jackson Hole because the resort is also equipped with medium-sized corridors. You can even hire a guide from Mountain Sports School to help you take advantage of your skiing skills.
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You can also apply for a ski school excursion with a school and get to know the terrain nearby. You are obliged to discover something new and wonderful in this renovated winter wonderland.